This Week in Logistics News (August 3-7, 2015)

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Cargo Chief Cracks the Code on Transportation Capacity. XPO Logistics Announces Second Quarter 2015 Results. For example, there’s Cargo Chief , which issued a press release this week on how it is “cracking the code on transportation capacity.”

How working with our remarkable customer, Lufthansa Cargo, got us named to the 2015 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100

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Sometimes, though, we are lucky enough to get to share these customer stories – this is the case with Lufthansa Cargo. The project was so successful that Lufthansa Cargo wanted to share their supply chain success story.

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Freight Rate News November 2015


Short Term Medium Term Special Feature Carriers & Cargo Innovation Freightos focus November 2015 freight and logistics trends that rate. CARRIERS & CARGO BRAVE NEW ROUTES. READ THE FULL STORY ❤ OUR FAVOURITE CANOE CARGO .

This Week in Logistics News (January 19-23, 2015)

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As noted in the press release, companies are required to use ACE for all electronic import and export manifest filings for all modes by May 1, 2015 and use ACE for all electronic cargo release and related entry summary filings by Nov. 1, 2015.

The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

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Top Transportation Management and Transportation Articles of 2015


We continue our series on the most read articles from the Cerasis blog for 2015 today by featuring any of the blogs in the transportation management or transportation categories. . We will then conclude the 5 main categories by featuring the top 10 freight articles of 2015. Then on the last day of 2015, we will feature the top 50 most read blogs of ALL time from the 653 Cerasis blogs as a special treat!

This Week in Logistics News (February 9-13, 2015)

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With more than 30 cargo ships anchored offshore, countless supply chains scrambling, and the prospect of a $2 billion per day hit on the U.S. The post This Week in Logistics News (February 9-13, 2015) appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

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This Week in Logistics News (June 15-19, 2015)

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Cloud Logistics Offers New Innovations in Second Upgrade of 2015. Robinson announced findings from a joint research project they conducted that looked at how “the Panama Canal’s expansion will likely change the way cargo moves, by both water and land, into and within the United States.”

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This Week in Logistics News (October 12-16, 2015)

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August 2015 Freight Transportation Services Index (TSI). Port of Long Beach sees highest Q3 cargo volume in history (Cargo Business News). The post This Week in Logistics News (October 12-16, 2015) appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Freight Rates News December 2015


DECEMBER 2015. OUR TAKE A tonic for the (following) Carriers & Cargo section. CARRIER & CARGO: CHOPPY SEAS AHEAD FOR CARRIERS. The post Freight Rates News December 2015 appeared first on Freightos. Freight Rates News.

This Week in Logistics News (January 5-9, 2015)

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I hope 2015 is off to a great start for you. Uber’s Latest Experiment Is Uber Cargo, A Logistics Service In Hong Kong. The post This Week in Logistics News (January 5-9, 2015) appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. Happy New Year!

This Week in Logistics News (February 2-6, 2015)

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Ryder Reports Record Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2014 Results and Provides 2015 Forecast. Finally, there are more than 20 cargo ships anchored at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach waiting to be unloaded. Lots of news to get to this week, so let’s go straight to it.

This Week in Logistics News (April 27 – May 1, 2015)

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Ports See Costly Delays as Cargo Ships, Volumes Grow (WSJ – sub. Reports 2015 First-Quarter Results. Earlier this week, I attended the JDA FOCUS 2015 conference, where I moderated a panel discussion with 3PL executives.

Etihad Cargo wins 'Cargo Airline of the Year'

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The latest win comes a month after Etihad Cargo won 'Cargo Operator of the Year' at the Supply Chain and Transport Awards (SCATAs

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Air Cargo Industry Flying Toward Change

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Switch to Cargo-XML messaging standard to streamline processes, cut costs. The Cargo-XML message set was developed by the International Air Transport Association [IATA] as part of the push toward “e-freight,” its vision of a paper-free air cargo supply chain.

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Knowledge is power – Start managing your cargo shipments actively

Global Trade Management

I am talking about real time information that is coming directly from the cargo, for instance a sea freight container. One platform, one dashboard Based in the heart of Switzerland arviem is about to be a melting pot for global cargo monitoring.

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Breaking News: Report That Amazon to Launch Its Own Air Cargo Operations

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The Seattle Times reported that is negotiating to lease 20 Boeing 767 air cargo jets for its own air-delivery service, citing cargo industry executives. The report cites an equity analyst as indicating that the highly influential online retailer is fed-up with third-party carriers being a bottleneck to growth. According to the report, a […].

TOC Europe 2015

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TOC Europe 2015. Date: 9-11 June 2015. Any bottle necks or delays that happen at the quayside or port hinterland, dramatically affect the time it takes for cargo to arrive at its destination. Ports therefore need to process cargo in a timely and cost effective manner using the latest technology on the market to do so. Venue: Ahoy, Rotterdam (NL). Organisation: TOC Worldwide. URL: TOC Europe – Your Global Container Supply Chain Event.

Global Logistics—August 2015

Inbound Logistics

In spite of U.S.

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Multimodal Europe – 2015

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Multimodal Europe – 2015. Date: 19 March 2015. Presently the economical situation (lack of drivers, legislative issues, difficulties in road transport occurring in many countries) is forcing the entrepreneurs to look for alternative ways of carrying cargo. Observation of cargo in organizing mixed transport. Air cargo – development or stagnation? Venue: Hotel Sound Garden, Warsaw (Poland). Organisation: Eurologistics. URL: [link].

The Ultimate 2015 Cargo Quiz – Blog


The post The Ultimate 2015 Cargo Quiz – Blog appeared first on Freightos. sea freight export data made fun! Like, every 15th container leaving U.S. is garbage going to China!! A hint before you start – strange answers are usually correct. Industry insiders: We’re talking HS categories, eg [17] = Sugar. Get Started! Your Score: Your Ranking: × Download the free export report! First Name. Last Name. Business Email *. FREE REPORT DOWNLOAD Love freight data?

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Milaha announces participation in The Cargo Show MENA

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Milaha Maritime & Logistics will participate in The Cargo Show MENA 2015 with VP of logistics to give supply chain presentation

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Industry 4.0 and Real-Time Cargo Monitoring

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arviem cargo monitoring Control Tower digital supply chain Industry 4.0 It means reduced costs and improved efficiencies. It means greater speed and scale. It means smarter products and services. It means Industry 4.0. In order to make all this happen, factories need to become more flexible, more intelligent and more efficient – machines, assets and products will start “talking” to each other within the factory but also between the different players.

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A new award for Etihad Cargo

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Cargo Operator of the Year? Award follows ?Cargo at the ninth annual Supply Chain and Transport Awards (SCATAs) last week

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A Secure Supply Chain – Reducing Cargo Theft Risk

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The Transported Asset Protection Association’s (TAPA) reported a five-year high in cargo incidents in 2015 with a large percentage of growth in freight thefts year over year 1.

Moisture and Condensation as a Challenge for Cargo in Transit

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One of the main problems our clients from all different industries encounter in terms of damage of cargo in transit is the moisture and condensation – especially on those shipments with long transit time. However, the up and down of the relative humidity is not always relevant and most likely will not affect the cargo as the container is a closed ecosystem. If the outside temperature however in this example falls below 9 °C, condensation will happen and affect the cargo quality.

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Air Cargo Got It Wright: 9 Incredible Air Cargo Facts


Celebrating the anniversary of this first flight, we’re taking a look at nine most amazing things you should know about air cargo. 1 First air cargo flight: 1910. 2 Craziest air cargo market entry: DHL Express. 3 Largest air cargo plane: Antonov An-225.

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Qatar Airways Cargo launches new courier service

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The airline's new QR On-Board Courier service is designed for time-sensitive supply chain customers

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Air Cargo Tech Is Falling Behind. It Doesn’t Have to.


While the air passenger industry has a solid tech foundation, air cargo does not. And while that’s easy for me to say as a startup, it’s echoed by industry professionals as well: I think, in general, the air cargo industry is still pretty traditional and it’s not really embracing technology.

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7 Benefits Realized Utilizing Big Data to Optimize Supply Chains


This is great for companies that work with larger amounts of cargo and have issue with receiving too little or too much. Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post from end-to- end global supply chain services company, Flash Global.

How to Ensure Cargo Security

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If you are lucky enough to avoid cargo theft issues in your transportation activities, you should still be prepared to face it. Cargo theft is one of the 5 main causes of freight claims, as research shows.

Supplier Risk Management: 4 Things To Look Out for During On-Site Evaluations


Does the training cover how to properly perform pre-trip inspections, how to properly secure cargo, or what to do in the case of emergency? In addition to securing cargo, also evaluate how well your carrier’s equipment is being maintained.

Mobile Technology in Transportation Management & The Future Impact on the Supply Chain


So, fleet managers need to ask a fundamental question, “What does it mean if my drivers, assets and cargo are continuously connected to the enterprise and how can I leverage this fact to create value for my organization?”.

How can you prepare your supply chain for disruptions?


The recent West Coast ports cargo-handling disruption is an example of the butterfly effect. The butterfly effect. The “butterfly effect” was a term coined by mathematician, meteorologist and chaos theory expert Edward Lorenz around 1960.

Transportation Industry Braces for a Looming Transportation Capacity Crunch Crisis in 2017


Rigs regularly relied on to transport livestock animals need to ensure they have consistent and proper airflow and circulation to keep their cargo healthy and in excellent shape for market. Expected Transportation Capacity Issues.