Boot Barn Implements Intelligent Warehouse Automation and Control System

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The company also operates store support and distribution centers in California and Kansas. In 2017 Boot Barn installed the Körber Warehouse Management System (WMS) in its Wichita facility that spanned almost 100,000 square feet at that time.

Update on the Southern California Logistics Services Market

West Coast and California Logistics

When it comes to Southern California logistics, there’s never a dull moment. Southern California Ports West Coast Distribution Port Logistics Third Party Logistics Warehouse operations eCommerce Fulfillment Inland Empire Warehouse Labor issues Drayage rail transportation Peak Season Shipping Distribution logistics in California


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7 Benefits of Warehousing in California

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California is home to many great things like the LA Lakers, the Silicon Valley, and the Beach Boys. One overseen quality of California is its supply chain efficiencies. Supply Chain, Distribution, Warehousing, Campus Warehousing, Urban Hubs. Campus Warehousing Distribution Distribution Supply Chain Supply Chain Urban Hubs WarehousingRead more. 12/02/2014. Distribution. Supply Chain.

What types of products benefit from the California Overweight Corridor?

West Coast and California Logistics

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of the shipping overweight containers into the California Overweight Corridor and tell you what types of products make the most sense to ship overweight. If you’re importing containers into the U.S.,

California Freight Heats Up, Spurred By Hanjin Collapse

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October is a critical month for retail freight in advance of the Christmas season, and retailers want to prevent stock-outs while they wait for Asian imports to clear through congested docks and warehouses on the West Coast. The load-to-truck ratio in Los Angeles lit up the entire state of California on the DAT Hot States map. Spot market activity often ramps up in the West during the fall season, but there's added pressure this month.

Berlin Packaging opens 231,000 sq ft warehouse in Ontario, California


Strategically located near the busiest seaport in the United States, the adjoining ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, and with easy access to highways I-10 and I-15, the 231,000-square-foot Ontario mega-warehouse strengthens Berlin Packaging's operations in Southern California. The warehouse has 23 dock doors, a fully secured yard with two separate entryways, and a training facility.

Finding the Optimal California Warehouse Space for Your Products

West Coast and California Logistics

California. Making California even more sensible, from a distribution perspective, is the fact that most of the Pan-Pacific freight arrives via its ports. For many companies, these combined facts make logistics strategy simple: place a DC in California close to the arriving port and the West Coast distribution riddle is solved. A very big state with a very big population. In fact, it’s the largest consumer market in the U.S.

Understanding the Impact of the California Truck and Bus Regulation

West Coast and California Logistics

California may be the Golden State, but its green initiatives are the most far-reaching in the U.S. At the heart of these efforts is the California Truck and Bus Regulation, which seeks to reduce emissions from heavy trucks and buses. West Coast Distribution west coast warehouses Transportation Strategies OTR Northern California 3PL Distribution logistics in California

26 warehouse pros reveal the most important factors to consider when moving to an automated warehouse

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As warehouses embrace technology to optimize the supply chain and reduce fulfillment costs , many companies are considering making the move to an automated warehouse. That said, there are many factors to consider when moving to an automated warehouse. To help you prepare for the transition, we reached out to a panel of warehouse pros and asked them to answer this question: “What’s the #1 factor to consider when moving to an automated warehouse?”

29 warehouse & automation experts share insights on how warehouse robots will impact industry employment

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Warehouse robots are just one form of warehouse automation , but they’re making a big impact. From greater flexibility and scalability to productivity gains, a faster ROI compared to other automation solutions and better resource management, warehouse robots are changing the face of warehousing. Read on to find out what our panel had to say about the impact of warehouse robots on industry employment. Warehouse robots are the future, plain and simple.

Peet’s Coffee and the Roasted Bean Supply Chain

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Founded in Berkeley, California in 1966, Peet’s Coffee touts itself as the original craft coffee. All their coffee is produced in small batches and roasted at their own LEED Gold certified roasting plant in Almeda California. Warehouse Management Systems direct store delivery

Speed and Cost Advantages of West Coast eCommerce Fulfillment

West Coast and California Logistics

Southern California Ports Shared Warehousing west coast warehouses 3PL Outsourcing eCommerce Fulfillment Direct to Consumer logistics in California

FROM PORT TO MARKET: How to Speed Distribution of Asian Imports to West Coast Ports

West Coast and California Logistics

supply chain cycle time Warehouse Northern California 3PL Drayage 3PL Outsourcing west coast warehouses Port Logistics Southern California Ports West Coast Distribution Third Party LogisticsThere’s a new supply chain mantra in the post-Amazon era, and that mantra is SPEED. Whether you are delivering to retailers or consumers, or both, customers want products faster in a more predictable time window.

Asia 48

Overweight Container Logistics at the Ports of L.A. and Long Beach

West Coast and California Logistics

West Coast Distribution Southern California Ports Port Logistics Third Party Logistics west coast warehouses Transload Inland Empire Warehouse overweightShipping containers across the ocean to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is a big job with a big impact on your company’s supply chain. It can also come with a big price tag, especially when you’re dealing with overweight containers.

Importing from Asia: Selecting the Right Shipping Port

West Coast and California Logistics

Southern California Ports Port Logistics west coast warehouses DistributionYour company has made a cost-driven decision to manufacturer in Asia and import from Asia back into the U.S. The by-product of that decision is a much lengthier supply chain and cash cycle. Your job, in logistics, is to mitigate the negative impacts of your import supply chain by designing an efficient U.S. distribution strategy. And one of the first things you will need to decide is your destination port.

Asia 55

Looking for a Warehouse in Stockton, CA? Smart decision.

West Coast and California Logistics

With its huge and growing population, California often serves as a key location for a company’s overall distribution operations. It’s usually Southern California – with its bright lights and huge ports – that people consider to be the region’s logistics hub.

How to Reduce Your Chassis Rental Fee

West Coast and California Logistics

These big-ticket items include your ocean carrier, drayage, and warehousing costs. 3pl contracts Peak Season Shipping Drayage 3PL Outsourcing Third Party Logistics 3PL Port Logistics Southern California Ports West Coast DistributionWhen considering all the costs involved in getting your containerized goods from port to market, it’s easy to think of all the “big” things that drive up your spend.

Warehouses in California Bursting with Chinese Goods Shipped Ahead of Tariff Deadlines

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“It’s been quite a run in the last six months,’’ says Phillip Sanfield, a spokesman for the Port of Los Angeles, which ended 2018 with its busiest December on record with the equivalent of more than 900,000 20-foot containers moving through its docks

‘March madness’ at LA port amid ‘once in a lifetime’ surge

The Supply Chain Journal

Daily anchorage counts from the Marine Exchange of Southern California show that the year-to-date average is 29.6 Chart: American Shipper based on data from the Marine Exchange of Southern California). “We California’s port pileup leaves old records in the dust.

22 warehouse professionals share the most common mistakes made with warehouse safety (and how to avoid them)

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warehousing and storage industry employs just under 1.2 With a warehouse injury rate of 5 out of every 100 workers, 5% of those employees will suffer an injury each year, or nearly 60,000 workers. David Bakke David Bakke is a Warehouse Manager at National Air Warehouse.

Why Doing Nothing Can Cost You Big in the Warehouse


In states with higher minimum wage, like Washington and California, extra labor costs could reach up to $108 per day, or $39,420 per year. Doing nothing about manual processes in your warehouse isn’t saving you money, nor does it keep costs down. Overview.

A Look at the Lehigh Valley Warehousing Boom

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An East Coast version of Southern California’s Inland Empire? It may be too early to make a claim of that magnitude, but that’s what some people are saying about Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley – home to KANE’s Allentown warehousing campus. Logistics Industry News

Augment Mobile Barcoding Software with Complementary Solutions


Warehouse automation and human augmentation technology is key to future competitive growth. These supplementary technologies include shop floor visibility, license plating, offline mobility, advanced warehousing, field mobility and voice picking. Offline Mobility for Remote Warehousing.

Advantages of a Phoenix Warehouse for eCommerce Fulfillment

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Late last summer, Inc. magazine ran a story with this intriguing title: “ The Next Tech Hub Isn’t Austin Or Denver. The Next Tech Hub Is Greater Phoenix. ”.

Why Taxing Automation is a Bad Idea

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Late last year, a San Francisco politician launched a statewide campaign to raise money for a California ballot that would penalize private enterprise for embracing automation in the workplace. But California is not the first to raise this idea. Simply defined, automation is any process or procedure that can be performed without human assistance – like moving a box through a warehouse on a conveyor belt or using Microsoft Excel to re-calculate complex annual budgets.

Streamline Cost and Operational Effectiveness with Off-network Data Collection Technology


Like this California Utility Company , who was having trouble tracking field inventory on the road. Sometimes, areas in your warehouse may have unreliable network connections. Field Mobility Inventory Management Remote WarehousingOverview.

Weber Opens 5th Inland Empire Distribution Center

West Coast and California Logistics

Weber Logistics has added a 353,361-square-foot distribution center (DC) in Jurupa Valley, CA to its warehousing and distribution network. This multi-client facility, Weber’s largest, is the company’s fifth DC in Southern California’s Inland Empire region and twelfth DC within California.

DC 15

The Importance of Scalability in ECommerce Order Fulfillment

West Coast and California Logistics

eCommerce Fulfillment 3PL Outsourcing Third Party Logistics 3PL Southern California Ports west coast warehouses West Coast Distribution Multi Channel Fulfillment Pick and PackGrowing from 20 orders per month to 15,000 per month. For most companies, that’s a dream come true. But if you have the wrong solution in place for eCommerce order fulfillment, that’s a dream that may never materialize.

Inland Empire Logistics: 2018 Outlook

Kane is Able

As the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach continue to experience record-setting growth, the entire Southern California logistics industry is in full “boom” mode. Supply Chain Challenges 3PL Outsourcing Fulfillment WarehouseAnd, it’s not just Los Angeles and Orange Counties that are benefiting. The Inland Empire logistics industry has the room for growth that these counties do not and is poised to continue setting records of its own.

4 Ways to Move Drayage Freight Despite the Driver Shortage

West Coast and California Logistics

Here in California, one of the major areas where this impact is being felt is container drayage. Distribution Drayage Labor issues Transportation Strategies west coast warehouses Third Party Logistics Southern California Ports West Coast DistributionStop me if you’ve heard this before: we’re in the midst of a truck driver shortage.

Food Recalls and WMS: Benefits of Recall Functionality in a Warehouse Execution System

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The CDC was unable to determine the exact harvest dates and locations, but preliminary assessment suggested growing and harvesting patterns in California were linked to the outbreak. The alert from the CDC reasserts the importance warehouses and distributors must place on supply chain visibility and traceability. A Guide to the Warehouse Metrics Supply Chain Execs Should Track. A Robust Warehouse Execution System Enhances Recall Functionality.

DC 40

“Coast”-Effective Fulfillment:  7 Reasons to Use a Los Angeles Area Warehouse

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Even if you’re not a huge movie buff, there’s a lot to love about Southern California – especially when it comes to eCommerce fulfillment. And that’s just a couple of reasons why Los Angeles warehousing could be an ideal fit for you. With millions of residents and world-class seaports, it’s part of the country’s most populous state, not to mention its busiest international logistics gateway for incoming container shipments.

28 supply chain professionals share the biggest challenges of supply chain management

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Our supply chain involves a contract manufacturer, a third-party testing facility, warehouses to store inventory and a freighting company. For example, if my contract manufacturer is late with an order it can cause me to incur excess costs with the freighting and warehousing companies, respectively. This initially necessitated the expansion of our warehousing provision, revision of our stock rotation and warehousing policies and associated costs, which we had to bear.

The New Reality of Amazon FBA with Ephraim Ausch

The Logistics of Logistics

Tactical is an end-to-end provider of supply chain logistics that specializes in freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution, and domestic transportation. Tactical has warehouses in both Chino, California, and Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Food Recalls and WMS: Benefits of Recall Functionality in a Warehouse Execution System

Veridian Solutions

The CDC was unable to determine the exact harvest dates and locations, but preliminary assessment suggested growing and harvesting patterns in California were linked to the outbreak. The alert from the CDC reasserts the importance warehouses and distributors must place on supply chain visibility and traceability. A Guide to the Warehouse Metrics Supply Chain Execs Should Track. The threat of food-borne illness marred the 2018 Thanksgiving holiday.

DC 43