Philips fails to solve quality-contol problems

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Its manufacturing plant for medical equipment in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, had been plagued by complaints and came under close scrutiny by the U.S. Cases complaints defects Frans van Houten healthcare Manufacturing Philips suppliers

Why Companies Need a Supplier Relationship Management Strategy


By working closely with its suppliers to receive the best sales terms, fluctuating manufacturing capacity when needed and first access to the latest innovations, Raytheon secured its status as a leader in the defense systems market.

Examples of How Supplier Quality Management System Implementations Pay Off


As the world is more distributed and players within the supply chain in transportation, manufacturing, and distribution are varied, applying a supplier quality management system in your business may allow you to stay more strategic and collaborative.

Allentown gains traction as freight hub

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Allentown, PA, was once a major manufacturing town, but it has emerged more recently as a popular location for warehouses and distribution centers, especially at this time of year. Allentown to Cleveland : $1.82/mile, down 1 cent. Cleveland to Allentown : $3.59/mile, up 10 cents.

9 Headlines Striking Fear into Shippers Lacking a Strong TMS

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Headline: US Manufacturing Contracts at Fastest Pace in Six Years. Headline: Daimler Trucks to Cut its Workforce at Cleveland, NC Factory by 30%. As noted, manufacturing is shrinking at a fast pace.

Flatbed rates move lower, but they're still pretty high

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That pipe is manufactured almost entirely of imported steel. Cleveland to Harrisburg dropped 74¢ to $3.62/mile. Flatbed rates are coming down from record highs, but remain elevated even after some sharp drops.

S&OP, a vision for the future. The expert interview series #5

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Mr. Kirkegaard holds a BS in manufacturing / industrial engineering and a Masters Degree in Finance. also runs an automotive build to order re-manufacturing and parts manufacturing division that utilizes S&OP and build to order concepts. Introduction.

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Economic challenges continue springtime


Manufacturing is steady. The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) reports that manufacturing held its own in April after six months of shrinking. Of the 18 manufacturing segments covered, 11 reported growth. .

Spring Starts Slowly


percent), and manufacturing (-0.3 If you are looking for good news, the Fed is reporting that a turnaround is coming as manufacturing output increased in the first quarter over the last fourth quarter. . Retail Sales . .

The Economy is on a Roll


The logistics industry has the wind at its back with stronger consumer spending and manufacturing stabilizing. . The Institute for Supply Management said its index of non-manufacturing activity rose to 57.2

A New Year, a New Administration Begins


Non-manufacturing growth surges . The ISM non-manufacturing activity index (NMI) December reading came in at 57.2. Companies that depend on industrial real estate, which is everyone from manufacturers to retailers and 3PLs experienced a sharp increase in lease rates in 2016 from 5 to 23 percent. The rising Consumer Price Index ( CPI ), up 2.1 percent year over year in December, companies gain the ability to raise wages, boosting the consumer economy.

Load Volume and Rates Move in Opposite Directions

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The economy seems relatively stable, even though some types of manufacturing are lagging now. Rates trended up in Houston, a major flatbed market, as well as secondary markets including Las Vegas, NV; Fort Worth, TX; Cleveland, OH; and Tampa, FL.