The Role of Supply Management at Hilton Worldwide

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I was able to listen to Christopher Nassetta, the CEO of HIlton Worldwide, speak to his team of global supply managers in MacLean Virginia this morning. Hilton Supply Management is tasked with providing strategic sourcing capabilities to both managed and franchised locations globally. ” Another important set of outcomes involves the creation of a Director of Strategic Sourcing Sustainability position, and designation and launch of a global Responsible Sourcing Advisory Group.

Thanksgiving 2018

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At the original Thanksgiving feast, the pickings were much slimmer and all ingredients were sourced locally. 1] She note there are only two known historical sources describing the three-day long feast shared by the Pilgrims and Wampanoag natives at Plymouth Colony in 1621. The first source was Edward Winslow, one of the English leaders who sailed to American on the Mayflower. ” The other source was the governor mentioned by Winslow, a man named William Bradford.

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Florence Et Al.

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North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia sit squarely in the storm’s path. To prepare, stratify your suppliers into strategic, single source and high volume flows. Attempt to find alternate sources from geographical areas that are not projected in the path of Florence.

This Week in Logistics News (April 22-26, 2019)

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It plans to begin routine deliveries of small consumer items in two rural communities in Virginia within months, the company said. Have you seen the video of the chimpanzee using Instagram? Here it is in case you missed it: Here's a video of a Chimpanzee using Instagram.

Supply Chain: The True Game of Risk

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When I was a small child growing up in the mountains of West Virginia in the United States, on snowy days, my family would gather around the kitchen table and play board games.

Can Twitter Help You Make Smarter Supply Chain Decisions?

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Here are some excerpts from the press release: Twitter is like no other data source in the world. Simply put, Twitter is a source of rich, real-time data that when combined with other data sources (such as operational data) and processed through sophisticated analytical tools can provide companies with valuable, non-intuitive insights, which then lead to smarter decisions and actions.

Rhode Island Named Bottom State for Infrastructure and Transportation as US Underinvestment Takes Toll


Other poor performers alongside Rhode Island in both reports include Maine, New Hampshire, West Virginia, Connecticut, Mississippi, and, surprisingly, Massachusetts, all of which came in the bottom 10 in both reports. Virginia. Virginia. #30. West Virginia.

A New Red Wagon?

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I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia. In my youth, my mom would frequently exclaim, “Be careful where you hook your red wagon.” ” The mountain expression is a warning. My mom wanted me to make smart choices and be careful on placing my bets for the future.

LTL Carrier Profile: UPS Freight

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UPS Freight is based in Richmond, Virginia. The latest addition to this portfolio includes LTL and truckload freight services, which complements UPS’s global capabilities to provide customers a single source for multiple modes of transportation. LTL Carrier Profile: UPS Freight. UPS Freight is the fourth largest less than truckload (LTL) carrier with approximately $2.4B in sales (estimated 2012). UPS Freight has 6.9% of the less than truckload (LTL) market.

Reflections on Hard Hats and Safety Shoes…

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I live in West Virginia. Mexico has become more attractive, and many companies are looking at alternative sourcing in Latin and South America. Manufacturing teams used to manage the supply chain group. Today, in most organizations, the supply chain team manages manufacturing. The irony is that fewer and fewer people within the supply chain team understand manufacturing. Unfortunately, few have worn hard hats, safety shoes and calibrated a machine to run within spec.

This Week in Logistics News (February 16-20, 2015)

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Derailed CSX train in West Virginia hauled newer-model tank cars ( Reuters ). This was a busy week for supply chain and logistics news, so let’s go straight to it. Kintetsu to Buy Neptune’s APL Logistics for $1.2 Billion ( BloombergBusiness ). Pressure mounts on shippers, union to settle U.S.

A Quick Glance Into The Logistics Market - January 2016


Source: US BEA). . Source: US DOC & Census Bureau) Consumer Confidence The Consumer Confidence Index increased to 96.5 Source: The Conference Board) (The consumer confidence index is based on a monthly survey of 5,000 U.S. Source: US DOL) . . Source: US Census). .

Hurricane Florence: What We Know About the Year's First Major Storm


Many sources are warning that Florence will be the most intense storm to strike the region in at least 25 years, since Hurricane Hugo, which was a Category 4 and sustained winds of 140 mph. Over 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate in the Carolinas and Virginia. Hurricane Florence is predicted to be one of the strongest storms on the Eastern seaboard in decades.

Hurricane Florence: What You Need to Know About the Year's First Major Storm


Many sources are warning that Florence will be the most intense storm to strike the region in at least 25 years, since Hurricane Hugo, which was a Category 4 and sustained winds of 140 mph. Over 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate in the Carolinas and Virginia. Hurricane Florence is predicted to be one of the strongest storms on the Eastern seaboard in decades.

This Week in Logistics News (February 18-22, 2013)

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According to the press release: Transplace leverages the CombineNet ASAP® advanced e-sourcing technology as part of its expert solutions, helping customers develop and optimize their carrier strategy for procurement events involving truckload, less-than-truckload (LTL), and intermodal needs.

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Procurement Analytics Hot Topic at Procurement Leaders West Coast Forum and ISM Carolinas


I had the opportunity to attend the Procurement Leaders in San Francisco forum two weeks ago, followed by attending the ISM Carolinas-Virginia meeting in Winston Salem last week. Procurement is increasingly taking on the role of being able to become the “source of truth” for data – and enabling other functions with data.

Suppliers to Large US Retailers Put on Notice by China

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Li & Fung, which sources clothes and toys for retailers, counts Walmart and Macy’s Inc. Companies such as Walmart, Nike, Apple and GE are at risk given the proposed trade tariffs as China is often the top supplier. Some of China’s biggest manufacturers that supply U.S.

How the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement Affects Ecommerce Shops


Uniform sourcing rules for all taxable transactions. For example, Pennsylvania and Texas include exempt sales and services in their thresholds; North Dakota and Virginia do not.

Minnesota turkeys are stuffing outbound trucks

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Minnesota is also a major source of corn, potatoes and peas for your Thanksgiving table. Virginia. When you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner in the Midwestern U.S., remember to be thankful for Minnesota.

Using Big Data to Drive Manufacturing Sales: 3 Big Takeaways from the USMTO Reports


Based in Virginia, AMT was founded in 1902 and specializes in providing targeted business assistance, extensive global support, and business intelligence systems and analysis to its members and industry as a whole. Sources: The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) [link].

Air Cargo Got It Wright: 9 Incredible Air Cargo Facts


Source: Imugr. Amazon’s been running tests out of a field in Washington but in July 2015, Flirtey , an Australian UAC (unmanned aerial vehicle) delivery startup, delivered supplies from an airfield to a medical clinic in Virginia.

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Results of Electronic Truck Driver Monitoring Systems

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Studies from the Center for Truck and Bus Safety of Virginia Tech Transportation Institute showed that ELD drivers had 11.7% Sources: [link] [link]. How Effective are the New Driver Monitoring Systems? Every trucker is familiar with electronic logging devices (ELDs).

This Week in Logistics News (September 5-9, 2016)

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Alphabet Drones to Deliver Burritos as Part of Test at Virginia Tech (WSJ – sub. Source: Everything is back to normal.