Malaysia a Key Link in Asia’s Disaster Resilience Plan

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Asia accounts for an estimated 86% of the reported disaster victims worldwide [1]. This was one of the main talking points at the 2013 Health & Humanitarian Logistics Conference, hosted by the Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) in Malaysia this June. Asia has many low-lying areas, which means that flooding is a perennial problem. Malaysia is the hub for humanitarian logistics in Asia.

A planning guide for beverage manufacturers in Asia

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Last week I explained how individual tastes, compounded by geography, climate and less developed distribution and logistics infrastructure challenge beverage manufacturers in Asia. In Malaysia, you could parcel the large shipments between multiple plants or lines.

Amazon vs. Alibaba: A Battle for Southeast Asia


Now, Amazon is further expanding their reach, announcing their plans to enter Southeast Asia with a launch in Singapore in the first quarter of 2017. Now, with 80% of China’s online shopping sales, they have made moves to expand into Southeast Asia.

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How Many Do You Need? An Evaluation of Flexible Ordering

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Featured Strategy Asia Pacific coffee retailing demand forecasting flexible ordering pros and cons Malaysia Institute Supply Chain Innovation MITDemand forecasts are notoriously unreliable, so how do managers place orders on the basis of projections are that are probably wrong?

DHL Supply Chain partners Tetra Pak to implement its first digital twin warehouse in Asia Pacific


This is the first smart warehouse for DHL in Asia Pacific to deploy the digital twin technology, which involves using digital models to better understand and manage physical assets. Primary Event: 3PL & Supply Chain Summit: Europe Précis: Facility in Singapore operates round the clock coordinated by DHL Control Tower Premium`: Freemium`: Channels: Technology Supply Chain Industrial Region: Asia-Pacific Article Type: Press Releases Publish as a report

RELEX Solutions Strengthens Asia Pacific Presence with New Partnership

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Melbourne, Victoria headquartered, FMCG Retail will sell, implement and provide consultation on RELEX’ solutions and services across the region, having worked with brands in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. The post RELEX Solutions Strengthens Asia Pacific Presence with New Partnership appeared first on RELEX Solutions. Read PDF. Australian Consultants FMCG Retail to provide RELEX’s Unified Retail Planning Technology in the APAC region.

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Bridging the Finance Gap for Asian SMEs

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Small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are key drivers of growth in Asia, but they are hindered by inadequate access to finance, particularly from large banks. The Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (MISI) has developed a framework for helping banks to tap into this vast market. The lack of affordable financing options stymies the growth of SMEs in Asia. Uncategorized Asia Asian growth banks in Asia Finance financing SMEs Small and medium enterprises SWIFT

The automated container terminal and the odd (mis)adventure of the Google car

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There are more abundant, and still cheaper, labor pools in Malaysia and Indonesia. So, to the students of mathematics in Southeast Asia, here’s my message: Forget the ‘Go West’ slogan.

Is TPPA going to ground e-commerce or let it fly (ideally, as air freight)?

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This would mean that a consumer in Malaysia buying from Amazon in the US would not experience significant differences in pricing of the same product bought from an online store in Malaysia or neighboring Singapore.

This Week in Logistics News (November 17-21, 2014)

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Menlo Logistics Keen to Build on 2014 Growth in South Asia. Finally, China and Asia remain hot areas of investment for third-party logistics providers, with both Menlo Logistics and DHL Supply Chain making announcements this week. I’m guessing it’s summer.

The Cost of Climate Change on Your Supply Chain


Typhoon Halong in Southeast Asia capped the list, causing a 41-week disruption at a cost of more than $10 billion for companies doing business in the region.

China’s first commercial self-driving trucks begin operations


Deppon Express is a leading logistics company in China, with operations in Korea, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. China Post and Deppon Express have begun autonomous package delivery services with the first self-driving vehicles to be put into daily commercial use in China.

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How to Handle Logistics During Chinese New Year

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Holiday schedule for selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Malaysia – CNY – February 16-17. .

“Too Big to Fail”: 10 Things you Need to Know About El Niño


Because of the absence of winter storms in Southeast Asia, offshore mining will become easier. A shorter monsoon season in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia will help miners procure more materials, used heavily in the electronics industry.

Plan for greater success: What experts said at Quintiq World Tour Singapore 2015

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What are some practices in Asia that could be adopted by the rest of the world, and vice versa? Dr Mahender Singh (Founding CEO & Rector, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation): The simplest thing UPS does is: No left turns for truck routes, only right turns.

Why Global Trade Agreements must be part of your supply chain planning: Guest Post by Tim Barnes


Let’s look at the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement as an example, where 12 countries around the Pacific Rim have signed an all-inclusive deal that excludes China, Korea and India, and promotes trade between critical nations in South East Asia, North and South America, South Pacific and Japan. Timothy Barnes is the President of Asia Pacific Consulting, based in Chapel Hill, NC and author of an upcoming book on TPP.

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Multiple Constraints of Route Planning in ASEAN


According to SpirE-Journal 2016 Q4 - Spire’s Asia Market Research, ASEAN trade volume is expected to increase by 130% and will be valued at $5,653 billion by 2023. In some rural areas of Indonesia and Malaysia, telecom infrastructure is underdeveloped, making delivery tracking burdensome.

China Flexes Its Global Logistics Muscle

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The expansive plan covers roads, rail lines, ports and airports that will link East China through Southeast, South and Central Asia extending to Europe. China to Central Asia and Western Asia. For example, China is Malaysia’s top trading partner.

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What you should know about ASEAN Last Mile Delivery


While Malaysia seeks to strengthen technology and human capital and boost freight demand, Indonesia simplifies logistics regulations to encourage businesses to immerse in e-commerce.

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Top 6 Wholesale Distribution Trends for 2019


China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia produced Japanese branded goods. Likewise, canny manufacturers in China will move a greater proportion of their production to other countries in Asia. Other likely recipients may include Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Why Can’t The Supply Chain Get Rid of Abuse?

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In Malaysia last year, for instance, a supplier to Samsung and Panasonic was found confiscating passports of workers and subjecting them to long periods of standing without adequate rest and restricted toilet breaks—a textbook case of modern slavery.

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What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)? Guest Post by Arun Gupta, PhD

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In its current form the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a potential free trade agreement (FTA) between the US and 11 Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries (Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and New Zealand). Arun Gupta recently went to a conference of the TPP in Washington, and was invited to share some insights on his visit and what he learned in a guest blog.

Benchmarking Success: Focus on what Matters

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During that time you’ve worked in Australia, Asia and occasionally Europe. In 1995 I dived head first into the supply chain space in Asia when I was asked to start up a 3PL business in Thailand for TNT from scratch.

Chronic Risks for Electronics: Human Rights and Forced Labor


Companies operating in Asia are especially prone to unfair labor practices, particularly Malaysia, which has nearly 200 electronics factories.

Needed: A New Way to Manage Risk in Low Cost Countries


By deploying the “fast fashion” business model, the apparel industry began to outsource garment manufacture to suppliers and subcontractors in low-cost countries, such as China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. But as any buying agent who has visited Bangladesh knows, things aren’t much better when you visit factories in other parts of Asia, including Myanmar, Pakistan, China, Indonesia, or India.

Analytics Should Focus on A Culture of Factory Safety for Workers in Low Cost Country Manufacturing


This will never work – particularly as we move into an era of global outsourcing and contract manufacturing in low cost countries such as Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and others in Asia. For analytics to become truly effective in global manufacturing settings, veracity and consistency are critical requirements.

Thailand Ecommerce Logistics for ASEAN Enterprises: Should You Go Local?

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Assuming your enterprise has a base in East Asia, Australia, or New Zealand, cross-border fulfillment may be a good way to get a first foothold in the Thai ecommerce market. For another, in comparison with some Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, Thai consumers are less inclined to interact commercially with cultures and languages that differ from their own. ” – Mitch Bittermann, CEO Singapore & Malaysia, aCommerce.

Global Manufacturers' Supply Chains Strain to Keep Up With Faster Economy

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There were signs of weakness elsewhere in Asia, with factory indexes in Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea dipping below 50 during December. A slew of global purchasing managers indexes all point to deep supply constraints as this year's economy looks to be the strongest since 2011.

Index Suggests Growth, But Volatility


The UAE, India and Malaysia (nos. Meanwhile, logistics executives see 'economic shock' as the top risk in Asia Pacific - a sign of concern that a slowdown in China could ripple through economies and supply chains elsewhere in the region.

Southeast Asian Pirates: Nothing to Shiver your Timbers Over


And while Malaysia managed to rein in the issue over a decade ago, hijackings and thefts have been cropping up further east, in Indonesian waters. With Somali pirate activity curtailed due to international efforts, Southeast Asia is now the world’s worst place for piracy.

Is More Innovation in Education Required?

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” They include: “The Finns with their late-starting pupils, high-status teachers and world-beating results; the Parisian iconoclasts behind Ecole 42, a coding hothouse where high-school dropouts become sought-after programmers; London’s highly disciplined academies, where equity and excellence coexist, propelling deprived youngsters en masse to good universities; the Boston academics studying infant language acquisition; [and] Asia’s maths mastery system.”

The Upswing of Chinese Logistics Companies


In 2015, the Asian-Pacific region dominated the industry with significant impact from China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and Malaysia. They lead the Asia-Pacific region, which accounted for 41% share in value and. Forecast to grow by a CAGR of 7.5%

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Everything You Need to Know About the Trans Pacific Partnership, In One Place


Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan) finally came to agreements on everything from dairy trade to pharmaceutical IP rights.

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Speculation and Shipping in the South China Sea


The historic line still claimed by Beijing—despite contrary findings—referred to rather accurately when drawn out on a map as “the cow’s tongue,” covers the Paracel Islands, the Scarborough Shoal, the Spratlys, and sidles right up to several Southeast Asian countries’ borders: namely, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

China and the global textile machinery

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Most of the new short-staple spindles (95%) are shipped to Asia. Asia was the world’s leading investor in this category, accounting for 84% of the total. Malaysia: 25% / 49%. With a population of over than 1.4

Thailand Courts Foreign Investment, While Leadership Questions Remain

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It’s part of a wildly ambitious plan to supercharge the economy and transform Thailand into a major, modernized force in Southeast Asia over the next 20 years. GDP growth lags that of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The junta clearly understands the importance of playing a larger role in Southeast Asia’s regional economy. “Stop and go.” Sway and swing.”

Navigating the Future in an Uncertain Political and Regulatory Environment


Australia and Japan are pushing to continue, however Malaysia and others are moving on, as they are not going to join now that the US is gone.