Scope Spring Supply Chain Summit, 10th – 12th March 2019, Atlanta


We look forward to seeing you at the Scope Spring Summit in Atlanta. Visit our booth and ask us about the work we are doing with US Public Sector Organizations and with Manufacturers such as Meritor.

Plan to Attend: Manufacturing Circles of Success, October 25th in Atlanta, GA


Salesforce's new Manufacturing & Distribution Team is excited to announce an all-day customer-focused event for business leaders in the Manufacturing & Distribution space.

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Examining the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Supply Chain Nation

This quick roundup of industry news includes a look at the skills gap in manufacturing, how small businesses are benefiting from a newer generation of robots, the development of an autonomous ship, as well as how some retailers are tackling e-commerce. .

Latest Advances and Applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

DELMIA Quintiq

Manufacturing and Healthcare. The IoT has already begun to transform manufacturing. In Atlanta, in March 2018, ransomware crippled the city’s water services and ticket payments systems. Internet of Things Manufacturing Smart phone Technology Technology Trends

Examining the Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Supply Chain Nation

This quick roundup of industry news includes a look at the skills gap in manufacturing, how small businesses are benefiting from a newer generation of robots, the development of an autonomous ship, as well as how some retailers are tackling e-commerce. . Skills Gap Still an Issue for Manufacturers. The bureau’s report emphasizes the recent high demand for industrial work, but also points to the 394,000 manufacturing jobs that still haven’t been filled.

Who said supply chains are boring?: Trucks, Technology & Twitter.

Supply Chains Rock

27th, a convoy of dozens of hybrid trucks will be rolling through Atlanta on their way to the Hybrid Truck 2009 National Conference at the Georgia World Congress Center. Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Manufacturing Central. Who said supply chains are boring?

3D Printing Changes the Supply Chain


The drug manufacturer, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, uses 3D printing to create a more porous pill. It has become additive manufacturing. A startup local Atlanta-based 3D printing company, CloudDDM , is looking to make an impact.

Supply Chain Management: How Businesses Can Increase Resilience and Mitigate Disruption

USC Consulting Group

As noted by Forbes , clothing manufacturers began mass producing medical masks and protective clothing. Economists point to robust demand and lockdown orders as the prime reasons for constrained capacity, as some manufacturers are working with skeleton staffs or are offline completely.

Chainalytics Named to Food Logistics’ 2016 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers List


Atlanta, GA (December 19, 2016)— Food Logistics, the only publication exclusively dedicated to covering the movement of product through the global food supply chain, has named Chainalytics to its 2016 FL100+ Top Software and Technology Providers list.

Next Generation Supply Chain Risk Management: A Case Study

Logistics Viewpoints

AGCO is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of agricultural equipment. In a discussion with AGCO’s Jan Theissen, Director of Strategy and Methods, and Jake Stone, Manager of Supply Chain Risk and Contract Management, I learned about this public, Atlanta headquartered corporation’s […]. We are entering an era where it is becoming possible to detect supply chain risks much more quickly. A case in point is offered by AGCO.

Cyber Threats Loom Large


The March 2018 attack on computers and networks in Atlanta—a major national transportation hub—was the largest successful ransomware cyber attack on a U.S. Cyber attacks continued to grow in intensity in 2018, with alarming new trends evident.

Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


The major lanes between Houston/LA (I-10 Corridor), Chicago/Ohio, NJ/Eastern PA, and Atlanta remains the same with ample capacity however lead times have shortened. Carmakers and electronic manufacturers in South Korea and Japan are reporting production line shutdowns.

Think Differently


These were Supply Chain Insights’ founder Lora Cecere’s opening remarks at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit in Atlanta earlier this month. Digital Manufacturing. Stop for a moment and imagine the supply chain differently.

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Friday in 5: Selling The Empty Space Inside Retailers’ Packages

Supply Chain Nation

The Atlanta-based company reported $10.35 Retail Supply Chain friday in 5 fulfillment manufacturing news retailWelcome to Friday in 5 – news from around the supply chain world, served up in one place to keep you up to date.

Optimizing the food industry: a conversation with UniSoma’s Luis Pinto


The first product of this partnership is TacticalOps, a Planning & Optimization solution for Food Manufacturers. Luis, UniSoma has provided advanced planning solutions to several leading food manufacturers, including BRFoods, Nestlé, Marfrig, JBS, Astral foods and many others.

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Countdown to Black Friday: Are You an Easy Target for Cargo Theft?

Talking Logistics

With Black Friday on the horizon, consumer goods of all kinds are making their way from manufacturers to distribution centers and retail locations across the country.

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Friday in 5: Selling The Empty Space Inside Retailers’ Packages

Supply Chain Nation

The Atlanta-based company reported $10.35 Retail Supply Chain friday in 5 fulfillment manufacturing news retailWelcome to Friday in 5 – news from around the supply chain world, served up in one place to keep you up to date. This week: Retailers are learning to monetize the empty space inside packages; billions of pounds of meat are piling up in U.S.

The Supply Chain of Pollen


by Joe Cannata Though it may sound like an odd subject, nature and manufacturing do work together in some sort of hybrid supply chain. What got me thinking about this, was when I returned home to Atlanta from a recent trip.

Toyota Consolidating Operations in Texas

Operations and Supply Chain Management

is starting a multiyear overhaul of its North American operations, consolidating several units at new headquarters in Plano, Texas, that will house 4,000 employees now spread across separate marketing, manufacturing and finance locations. Location Manufacturing Supply Chain Strategy Toyota

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Collaboration in the Automotive Industry: Enabling Intelligent IT-Managed Supply Chains

Talking Logistics

Centralized and harmonized way to exchange data between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, and forwarders instead of bilateral exchange via individual solutions. A central IT platform facilitates cooperation between the many suppliers, logistics providers, and manufacturers in the network. In conclusion, the use of cloud-based IT platforms in the automotive industry significantly improves the results of collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers.

The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

Supply Chain Shaman

There is a need to re-shore where possible, and relocate manufacturing and supplier relationships. With the rise of the global multi-national, Asian flows are essential to today’s manufacturing operations.

This Week in Logistics News (January 27-31, 2014)

Talking Logistics

Atlanta. I was trying to come up with something witty to say, but then I came across this article by Rebecca Burns, deputy editor of Atlanta Magazine , with a title that says it all: The Day We Lost Atlanta: How 2 lousy inches of snow paralyzed a metro area of 6 million.

7 Incredible Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics Management


Each industry has its peculiarities, among the others, in the logistics, manufacturing, and supply. Helen works and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Does Your TMS Support Rail’s Unique Requirements?

Talking Logistics

But for manufacturers who ship using both rail and truckload, a key issue lies in whether they are able to achieve the same benefits by using a TMS built for truckload modes in their rail operations.

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2018: The Winter Olympics, a royal wedding, space exploration and, of course, big supply chain planning events


LogiMed US 2018: 6 – 8, 2018 (Atlanta, GA). LogiMed is a focused conference for supply chain VPs and directors from medical device and diagnostics manufacturers. by Teresa Chiykowski As we bid farewell to 2017 and usher in a new year, what can we expect to see in 2018?

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Guest Commentary: Tight Transportation Capacity, Not Flagging Demand, Behind ISM Report Showing Slowing Activity

Talking Logistics

Analysts point to the steep decline in orders for new transportation equipment as evidence that manufacturers are seeing weakness. In reality, it may not be softening demand at the root of manufacturers’ slowdown in the bookings for new trucks, trailers and other equipment. While Chicago and New York/New Jersey hubs are no strangers to inclement winter weather, severe and widespread cold brought snowstorms to Atlanta and other southern U.S.

Evolution of the Warehouse: How it Adapted to E-Commerce and New Technology Trends?


Ecommerce Fuels a Warehouse Boom,” reports this article by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Coronado added that e-commerce will impact distribution networks as much as companies building manufacturing plants in foreign nations to save money affected the networks in the past.

Wanted: Supply Chain Architects!

Supply Chain Shaman

Let me start with a true confession: I am a manufacturing gal. I relished the sound of a manufacturing line when I opened the door of the factory in the morning, and I liked managing inputs so that we could maximize outputs. In manufacturing, I became good at labor bargaining.

Renegade Riposte

Supply Chain Shaman

The supply chain has two buffers: inventory and manufacturing excess capacity. Today, most companies do not have excess manufacturing capacity: they have either outsourced manufacturing or increased the asset utilization of their manufacturing assets.

Emergency Freight: What Harvey Tells Us About Irma

DAT Solutions

Houston is home to a number critical industries, including energy exploration, oil and gas refineries, and related manufacturing of petrochemicals and plastic resins, among others. It is sunny today in Tampa and Atlanta, with a light breeze.

What If Your Supply Chain Had A Control Tower?


That’s at Atlanta, by the way. The most significant role of a control tower is to provide a live view into the vitality of the complete chain, across many functions – manufacturing, inventory, demand planning, logistics, customs clearance, etc.

2019 Logistics & Supply Chain Events to Attend in the US


ProMat is where manufacturing and supply chain professionals come to find their supply chain WOW. 3PL & Supply Chain Summit: Atlanta. Atlanta, Georgia. Are you interested in expanding your knowledge on the latest trends and technologies within the supply chain industry?

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All-in-one Supply Chain Software for ASCs


The company is based in Atlanta, and its holding company, Extremity Healthcare, operates 35 podiatry clinics, and owns or manages seven surgery centers across Georgia and Tennessee.

‘Best in Class’ Supply chain from a Road warrior perspective – Part 4


Like climate change, when you hear about new supply chain and manufacturing technologies, and the advancements being made, you want to be part of the sea change. consider Atlanta, Georgia, which had a surge in the sale of electric cars due to a price rebate offered to the buyers.

Panama Canal Expansion Boosts Freight in an Unexpected Place

DAT Solutions

They also cite its manufacturing base, as the auto industry draws suppliers to locate closer to factories, and growing auto exports require bigger ocean vessels to reach customers around the world. The top outbound lane from Greenville is a short hop over to Atlanta.