Why Branch Put Down Roots in Minneapolis


It’s Twin Cities Startup Week , a gathering of the creatives, hackers, investors, makers, entrepreneurs, and startups that are powering the economic future of Minneapolis and St. We’re excited about our future in Minneapolis. We’re fired up to call Minneapolis home.

Target Hires Walmart Supply Chain Executive

Supply Chain 24/7

to help the Minneapolis-based retailer improve its own supply chain Shekar Natarajan, who has been overseeing a project at Wal-Mart testing drones in its warehouses, is joining Target Corp.

This Week in Logistics News (January 20 – 26)

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They will meet the Philadelphia Eagles, who crushed the Minnesota Vikings 38-7 in the NFC title game, a week from Sunday in Minneapolis, MN. In yet another impressive comeback, the New England Patriots topped the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-20 in the AFC title game to move on to their 10th Super Bowl, and 8th in the Belichick – Brady era. Logistically, hosting the Super Bowl is no easy feat, given everything that goes into it. The […].

Do People Skills Matter in the World of Logistics?

The Logistics of Logistics

www.Annholm.net is located in Minneapolis/St. How you develop your sales team has a big impact on your logistics business.

Van and Reefer Rates Start September on a High Note

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VAN TriHaul: Minneapolis - Chicago - Des Moines - Minneapolis (or vice versa). Chicago to Minneapolis is one of those lanes that can flip directions in the fall, when you make more money heading from Minneapolis to Chicago. Good news, everyone!

You are Here!


There’s one sure-fire way to tell when someone has lived in Minneapolis long enough to be called a Minnesotan. . . Where to Start Your Lean Journey. No, it doesn’t involve rooting for the Vikings, though that helps.

CatMan 2.0…Now What?

Supply Chain Nation

Delivery Tour on February 8, 2017 at the CMA’s office in Minneapolis. As we start the new year, change is inevitable. We have a new President of the United States, new challenges in the world, and customers who continue to engage with us through greater use of technology.

Have Van Rates Hit Their Peak?

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Temperatures on the round trip between Chicago and Minneapolis have been extra frigid, but rates were hot last week in both directions: Van rates on Chicago to Minneapolis were up 39¢ to an average of $3.06/mile.

Freight Availability Remains High, Despite Declines

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TriHaul: Minneapolis - Denver - Rapid City. Freight availability increased in several Midwestern markets last week, including Minneapolis, and outbound rates are well above average.

Spot Market Freight Rates Soar After Hurricane Harvey

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In the other direction, Chicago to Minneapolis jumped up 33¢ to $2.60 Van rates rose all across the country last week, following Hurricane Harvey. The national average van rate jumped up 12¢ to $1.90

September Van and Reefer Trends Stay Strong After Labor Day

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Chicago to Minneapolis dropped 18¢ to $1.93/mile, but you can make more money right going the other direction. Minneapolis to Chicago rates were up to $2.01/mile. Volumes and rates got a boost heading into the Labor Day weekend, and those prices mostly held steady last week.

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Is Your Global Labeling Strategy Within Reach?


A hot, muggy Minneapolis didn’t slow down an energized group of industry professionals who gathered for last week’s 4 th Annual Medical Device Global Labeling Strategies conference.

Reefer Rates Respond to New Regulations and Pre-Holiday Urgency

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Green Bay to Minneapolis dropped 18¢, to $2.96/mile. Last week was a short week, as most carriers needed to get drivers home in time for the Christmas weekend.

Upcoming Event Urges Medical Device Labelers to Act Globally


And that’s exactly what we’ll be doing next week in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at the 4 th Annual Medical Device Global Labeling Strategies conference on Aug 9 - 11. Here in the U.S.,

Supply Chain Management


According to an article by Mark Craig for the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Dec. 4 Secrets to Supply Chain Management Project Success. link]. In the ever-popular NFL, fans are greeted year after year with an increasing rate of coaching and general-management turnover.

Flatbed Volume and Rates Gain Traction in June

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Rock Island, IL to Minneapolis was down to $2.47 Flatbed freight volume and rates gained some traction in June, after a couple of slow months. Texas had the biggest rebound last week, partly due to a surge of loads leaving Houston, the biggest flatbed freight market in the country by far.

Booming Oil Industry Boosts Flatbed Demand

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Rock Island, IL, to Minneapolis rose at an average of $3.71/mile. The energy sector heated up in January, which contributed to higher flatbed load counts for the month.

Florida Reefer Rates Take a Dive

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Grand Rapids, MI to Madison, WI fell 19¢ to $2.97/mile, and the lane from Chicago to Minneapolis moved down 12¢ to $2.63/mile. Peak season for Florida seems to have come to a close, and reefer rates responded accordingly.

Reefer Capacity Gets Tighter Ahead of Thanksgiving

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Chicago to Minneapolis also climbed 21¢ to $2.76/mile. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so trucks are still in high demand to move refrigerated freight.

Where's the Freight? 5 Markets with Lots of Van Loads

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MINNEAPOLIS: The Upper Midwest has been strong for van freight thanks to fall harvests. Minneapolis ranks in the top 10 for spot market volume so far this month, and the backhaul lane to Chicago has averaged $1.70/mile. The national average van rate rose 1¢ last week.


Supply Chain Shaman

As I sit in seat 16C on a packed plane winging my way to Minneapolis, I just wanted to raise my glass and applaud the innovators. Last week, I wrote about the evolution of supply chain planning. In my blog post, I commented on HOW little supply chain planning has changed in its twenty-year evolution. As I worked with clients this week, I had a long and hard talk with myself. I am part of the problem. I, like other analysts, are stuck in the traditional software APS paradigm.

Ripped from the Headlines: More Supply Chain Trends in the News

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Lingerie maker Victoria’s Secret looks to uncover supply chain issues (Reuters) and Target invests in Minneapolis start-up that helps retailers monitor supply chains (StarTribune).

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Reefer Rates: Shorthaul Up,Longhaul Down

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Chicago to Minneapolis also added 26¢ to $2.45/mile. Reefer volumes were down during the first week in July, but that was to be expected. But load counts didn’t slip as much as vans during the short 4th of July week, with strong demand on shorter hauls.

Reefer Rates Continue to Cool

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Elsewhere, Green Bay to Minneapolis was down 39¢ to $2.56/mile, and the cross-country haul from Twin Falls to Baltimore paid 34¢ less on average at $2.48/mile.

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Grocery continues to grow and evolve

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The Minneapolis, Minnesota-based chain said Monday that Jeff Burt will assume the title of senior vice president, grocery, fresh food and beverage on April 10. Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date. This week: “Free from” groceries are changing the landscape; Martha Stewart launches meal delivery; and you’ll soon be able to shop Costco groceries from home. Clean eating is changing how we shop.

Signs of Spring in Flatbed Markets

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Rock Island to Minneapolis rose 54¢ to $2.76/mile. Flatbed trends have been mostly neutral overall so far in February. There are signs of spring, with higher volumes in many markets over the course of the past three weeks.

Van Rates Still Feeling Pressure for the ELD Mandate

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Chicago to Buffalo came back down 29¢ to $3.55/mile – rates in the opposite direction also fell 29¢ The Super Bowl has led to higher demand for freight heading into Minneapolis , so outbound prices are down.

Holiday Sales Demonstrated Necessity of Omnichannel Strategies

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After a weak holiday performance last year, the Minneapolis-based company embarked on a multibillion-dollar spending plan to improve its stores and digital capabilities. Amid all the talk of a retail apocalypse, some retailers demonstrated they still have life. Khadeeja Safdar ( @khadeeja_safdar ) and Imani Moise ( @MoiseNoise ) report, “Retailers had their best holiday sales since 2011, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse, which tracks payments in stores and online.”[1]

Spot Freight Volumes Get Welcomed Boost

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The highest outbound average last week was Green Bay , but the lane to Minneapolis dropped 49¢ to $2.27/mile a more normal price for this time of year. We got a welcomed surge of spot market freight to close out July.

Upheaval in Retail Changes the Scene for Suppliers


It turns out that the Minneapolis retailer has been secretly reinventing itself by developing omni- channel capacities and adopting new brand strategy. Following Amazon’s announcement of buying Whole Foods, Amazon’s stock rose 3% while Whole Foods shares skyrocketed 28%.

Tens of Thousands of New Jobs, and One Worry: Robots

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It was only for residents of Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, San Diego and St. Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date.

Major Freight Markets Saw Biggest Rate Surge of the Year

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Green Bay to Minneapolis slipped 20¢ to $1.99/mile, but prices were up on other major lanes leaving that market. Rates on the top 100 van lanes showed the strongest surge of the year.

Reefer Rates Add 1¢, as Apples Start Rolling Out

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Minneapolis was another ripe market for reefers. Rates edges up 1¢ per mile last week, as reefer freight availability added another 4% on the spot market last week, and truck posts were mostly stable (up 0.3%) on DAT Load Boards.