Rhode Island Named Bottom State for Infrastructure and Transportation as US Underinvestment Takes Toll


Vermont. Vermont. #32. Rhode Island has been given the dubious distinction of being named the worst state in the US for infrastructure by both CNBC and US News , amongst a poor outlook for the US as a whole by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Trump's Tariffs Anger US Manufacturers, Business Groups

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Canada is Vermont’s largest trading partner, and the state stands “to lose big under this ham-handed policy,” Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from the Vermont, said in a statement.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™! An Interview with Michael Massetti, VP at Gartner!

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I went to the University of Notre Dame for my BSEE degree and the University of Vermont for my MSEE and MBA degrees. Subscribe Here! Email Address. At Supply Chain Game Changer we believe in sharing experiences and expertise from people in every industry and from across the globe.

Freight Rates Dip while Load Availability Climbs

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Other states, such as South Dakota and Vermont, show as dark red in this Hot States Map from August 9-15 , meaning that they had high load-to-truck ratios.

Van Freight Volume Edges Up, as Rates Lag

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The state of Vermont is also dark red in this Hot States Map from August 23-29, meaning that the state had high load-to-truck ratio, but it did not provide a lot of loads. Van freight availability rebounded 3% on the spot market last week , and truck posts increased 2%.

Jobs Sustainability: Retrain, Reskill, Relocate, Reimburse

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And the state of Vermont recently approved a fund to pay $10,000 to employees who relocate there.”[4] Worrying about jobs sustainability during a period of low unemployment may seem unwarranted. However, with so many predictions being made about how many jobs are going to be taken over by artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, this the perfect time to address this vital topic. Waiting to act until these predictions come true, would be too late.