Long-awaited Hours-of-Service (HoS) rule changes may be put on hold following a legal challenge filed last week

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Late last week the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Parents Against Tired Truckers (PATT) and Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways (CRASH) filed a petition with the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit seeking to invalidate proposed HoS rule changes. Market Update

State Legalization of Marijuana: Impact on Transportation and Warehousing?

Talking Logistics

Editor’s Note: “Above the Fold” is a new segment on Talking Logistics where we spend a couple of minutes discussing a headline or two from last week’s supply chain and logistics news and raise a question for you to answer. Recreational use of marijuana is now legal in 10 states plus the District of Columbia , and in 2018, 21 states considered bills that would legalize adult-use marijuana.


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Hours-of-service waiver issued in wake of pipeline cyberattack

The Supply Chain Journal

Federal regulators issued on Sunday an emergency work-rule exemption for truck drivers and motor carriers as a result of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown. Those regulations include hours-of-service rules.

Careful carrier selection provides pathway for shippers to reduce carbon footprint

The Supply Chain Journal

Once considered something of a niche interest, sustainability has gone mainstream. This is great news for the health of the planet, but it does mean shippers and carriers alike will need to be more cognizant of their carbon footprints and take actions to reduce them.

Hours-of-service waiver issued in wake of pipeline cyberattack

The Supply Chain Journal

Federal regulators issued on Sunday an emergency work-rule exemption for truck drivers and motor carriers as a result of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown. Those regulations include hours-of-service rules.

Hurricane Florence Update: Impacts, Forecasts, and Operational Best Practices


Supply Chain Impact and Potential Disruptions: As early as Wednesday, September 12, as a safety precaution, operations at Charleston International Airport in South Carolina and Port of Wilmington in North Carolina were halted until further notice. The Port of Charleston will also be closed starting Thursday, September 13, with the possibility of reopening on Sunday. The eastbound lanes of several major highways have been shut to accommodate motorists travelling inland.

Florida to require e-commerce sellers to collect sales tax

The Supply Chain Journal

Republicans plan to use the revenue generated to support the state’s Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund, preventing a tax hike on businesses that would have been needed to maintain the solvency of the fund.

200% duties on Chinese chassis ‘really big win’ for US manufacturers

The Supply Chain Journal

Chinese manufacturers of container chassis will be facing duties on sales into the U.S. of more than 200% for the next five years following a final finding by the Department of Commerce. The finding is good news for the five major manufacturers of intermodal chassis in the U.S.:

What is Supply Chain Compliance and Why is it Important?


It’s one of our top six trends we’re following in 2019, and we have decades of experience in this area. But, in this article, our focus for supply chain compliance touches on the importance of barcode and labeling requirements. A barcode is more than a combination of black and white stripes. of your barcode. A detailed report of barcode results, along with suggestions from our experts on how to improve. District of Columbia.

This Week in Logistics News (May 8 – 14)

Logistics Viewpoints

It met at Congress Hall in Philadelphia, PA and in Washington, DC from March 4, 1799, to March 4, 1801, during the last two years of John Adams’ presidency. Hours-of-service waiver issued in wake of pipeline cyberattack.

Hurricane Florence Update: Impacts, Forecasts, and Operational Best Practices


Last week we published this breakdown of what to expect from Florence, as well as a list of best practices to help businesses defend their operations from the elements. Parts of I-95 could remain flooded through the weekend, cutting off access to Wilmington. Storm surge remains one of the biggest risks, and residents in the Carolinas are being warned of flood threats well into the rest of the week.

4 Food and Beverage Manufacturing Trends on Tap for 2020

USC Consulting Group

In the 1990s, for instance, “fat free” or “reduced fat” was all the rage, evidenced by the variety of products with such descriptions featured in bold typeface on cartons, cardboard and boxes. Health and nutrition never goes out of style.

Ace Hardware International Implements Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning

Blue Ridge

Tweet this Additionally, Ace International saw significant value in the ability of Blue Ridge’s cloud-native technology to more accurately predict and forecast customer demand patterns, manage long lead times, and significantly improve internal collaboration and visibility with anytime, anywhere access. Its retailers' stores are located in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and approximately 60 countries.

Highway groups sue FCC over Wi-Fi safety band decision

The Supply Chain Journal

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) have sued federal regulators for reallocating Wi-Fi spectrum that had been reserved for transportation communications including truck platooning.

Navistar pays $50M to settle military vehicle pricing fraud allegations

The Supply Chain Journal

Marines for suspension systems on armored military vehicles, clearing another issue ahead of its merger with Volkswagen AG’s TRATON Group. Department of Justice accused Navistar Defense of making false and misleading statements during price negotiations and a resulting audit.

Can Officers and Employees be Held Personally Liable for Customs Violations?

CH Robinson Transportfolio

and its owner were found guilty by the Court of International Trade (CIT) in 2011 for violating 19 U.S.C. 1592 for the undervaluation of imported merchandise. This was a landmark decision, as the owner—an officer of the corporation—was found personally liable for violations by Trek Leather, Inc., The case was appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC), which reversed the CIT in July 2013. We need not attempt to define the reach of the term.

Texas tops list for truck driver drug/alcohol violations

The Supply Chain Journal

New data released by the federal Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse shows Texas topping the list of number of registered truck drivers with a positive drug and/or alcohol test violation but Louisiana ranking highest in violation rates based on number of employers.

Texas 52

Washington’s Birthday 2020 (aka Presidents’ Day)

Enterra Insights

That fact can be demonstrated by examining the life of America’s first president George Washington. Washington, like many politicians of his era, was an enigma — a proponent of liberty and a slave owner. Nevertheless, most historians agree the greatness of his character outweighs the severity of his faults. When Washington was born, Americans were using the Julian calendar and his birth date was the 11th of February 1731.

New Kroger and Ocado facility announced in Frederick, Maryland


Name="table of figures"/>. Name="table of authorities"/>. Name="HTML Top of Form"/>. Name="HTML Bottom of Form"/>. Upon completion, 400 new jobs will be created with up to 100 more added later as the service area of this facility expands. Normal. false. false.

Washington’s Birthday 2021

Enterra Insights

It’s not often you hear someone discuss the “wisdom” of the members of Congress — certainly not in recent memory. As a result of this act, three federal holidays moved permanently to a Monday — Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Giving Americans a few more three-day weekends might have been smart; however, where Congress showed real wisdom, was formally keeping Washington’s Birthday as the name of the holiday.

Columbus Day 2020: A Holiday in Search of a Name

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According to the Federalpay.org website, “Columbus Day is one of ten federal holidays recognized nationwide by the United States Government. Columbus Day commemorates the arrival of the Christopher Columbus in the Americas. It is celebrated every second Monday of October, and has been a federal holiday since 1937.”[1] History.com notes, “For many, the holiday is a way of both honoring Columbus’ achievements and celebrating Italian-American heritage.

Inventory Management Software and the Cannabis Industry

My Office Apps

The legality of cannabis is of no small debate in this country. Seventeen states, the District of Columbia, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam have legalized recreational cannabis, another 16 have decriminalized its use, and 33 states have some form of medical use.

An update on required ‘Conflict’ Metals reporting…

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Companies Detail Use of ‘Conflict’ Metals. First Reports Filed to SEC on Potential Use of Minerals From a Region of War-Torn Africa. A majority of companies whose filings were reviewed by The Wall Street Journal, including Walt Disney & Co., Only a handful were confident their supplies were free of conflict metals, among them Barnes & Noble Inc. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia struck down part of the regulation.

Congo 40

In Memoriam: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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Because of her impact on American society, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (sometimes affectionately referred to RBG) became a cultural icon. She joins a handful of towering government figures who are instantly recognizable only by their initials — like TR, FDR, and JFK. Born in Brooklyn, New York, during the Great Depression, Ruth Bader never attained great physical stature; however, her stature in the field of law was to be unequaled. Having a year of law school remaining, Ms.

Outbound Tender Rejections Increase for the First Time Since March Peak

Zipline Logistics

The second week of May marks more state reopening efforts as businesses look to restart typical operations after the pandemic disrupted commerce March and April. This increase is a result of many states loosening or completely lifting virus guidelines for businesses.

Long controversial and now cooking, LaserShip rides the parcel-delivery wave

The Supply Chain Journal

The dot-com boom of the late 1990s eventually pushed the Vienna, Virginia-based concern into the parcel-delivery world. Privately held LaserShip’s ground-delivery network spans 23 states in the East and Midwest, as well as the District of Columbia.

3 Ways State Marijuana Legalization Impacts the Trucking Industry

GTG Technology Group

However, truck drivers often travel through many states during the course of their work, and many of the drivers testing positive for marijuana are consuming it without realizing it. Recreational marijuana is legal in Alaska, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia. Medical marijuana is legal in 29 states and the District of Columbia. H ow Marijuana Legalization Impacts the Trucking Industry.

Freight Volume Rebounds to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Zipline Logistics

As we move into the back half of May, the freight market is starting to show signs of an expedited rebound. . Currently, we are seeing signs of recovery. Even New York has taken steps to reopen portions of the state that have been less affected by the virus than N YC. .

Logistics Market Stays Flat as May Begins

Zipline Logistics

As we move into the fourth month of the US COVID-19 outbreak, businesses may begin returning to pre-pandemic operations as states begin reopening. . But the Logistics Manager’s Index skyrocketed from the end of Feb ruary through April. District of Columbia .

High-Tech Nation: How Technological Innovation Shapes America’s 435 Congressional Districts


iconic places, such as the Route 128 tech corridor around Boston, Massachusetts; Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; and, of course, California’s white-hot Silicon Valley. A defining trend of the last decade is the degree to which technology—information technology, in particular—has become a critical driver of productivity and competitiveness for the whole economy, not just the tech sector itself.

RELEX Solutions to Provide AutoZone with Forecasting and Replenishment

RELEX Solutions

RELEX Solutions, provider of unified retail planning solutions, today announced a new partnership with AutoZone , the largest retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the United States. About AutoZone As of May 4, 2019, the Company had 5,686 stores in 50 states in the U.S., the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, 576 stores in Mexico, and 25 stores in Brazil for a total count of 6,287. Read PDF.

Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2019

Enterra Insights

Columbus Day, a day set aside to celebrate the discovery of the New World by Europeans, has become a source of controversy. The History Channel notes, “Over 500 years after he ‘discovered’ the New World — kicking off centuries of exploration and colonization of the Americas — Christopher Columbus is still honored with a federal holiday on the second Monday of every October. The coastal city of Santa Cruz, CA, followed shortly after, in 1994.

[INFOGRAPHIC, REPORT, & INTERACTIVE MAP] The US Manufacturing Workforce & Making it In America


While US manufacturing has been hit hard by nearly two decades of policy failures that have damaged its international competitiveness, it remains a vital part of the U.S. percent of total US employment. Manufacturing employs a higher share of workers without a college degree than the economy overall. percent more than similar workers in the rest of the economy in 2012–2013. congressional district data for the first time.) percent of total U.S.

Power Index: Top 10 Biden regulatory reviews affecting freight markets

The Supply Chain Journal

President Joe Biden’s election signaled a stark change in policies and priorities from those of the Trump administration — not uncommon when the White House flips political parties — highlighted by a flurry of executive orders that started just hours after Biden was inaugurated.

More than Half of Retailers are not Prepared to Meet Today’s Omni-Channel Labor Challenges. Are You?


In-store fulfillment of ecommerce orders; a more knowledgeable and demanding consumer; new labor legislation; rising minimum wages; emergence of the millennial workforce; there are so many recent developments impacting retail store labor. It’s no surprise that over half of retailers feel they are not prepared to meet the labor challenges in today’s omni-channel marketplace. The impact of the scheduling difficulties can be seen in routine under- and over-staffing.