Innovation and Economic Growth

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Congress conducted a hearing on the subject of innovation and economic growth. The link between innovation and growth has long been a business topic. We are all familiar with the oft-heard mantra “innovate or die” as it pertains to individual businesses.

Amazon, FedEx and Adjacent Innovation


Reading these words, my mind can't help but track back to to this statement by Research in Motion Co-CEO Jim Balsillie in 2007 following the release of the first iPhone: It's kind of one more entrant into an already very busy space with lots of choice for consumers," Jim Balsillie said of Apple.

How can innovative Manufacturers utilize Route Optimization Software?


Route optimization software help companies deliver or move goods and services with tracking capability of GPS and innovative reporting features which will assist dispatchers to reduce mileage expenses, avoid unplanned stops and adopt more fuel-efficient routes. 2007). EvoCOP 2007.

The expanding scope of procurement analytics: Some initial thoughts


Procurement analytics, which supports decision making in procurement management, typically handles problems and decisions that are related to cost reduction, supplier management, cost modeling, procurement-led innovation, market strategies, supply chain risk, and stakeholder value improvement (Handfield, Jeong, and Choi 2019). Analytics Big Data Director's Blog Innovation in the Supply Chain Procure to Pay Supply Chain Innovation Uncategorized

Reflections, Thank-you(s) and Rethinking the Future

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… a group of energized innovators. In retrospect, the 1990s were an exceptional time of innovation impacts on productivity. As growth slowed post 2007 recession, companies fought back. Embrace innovation. They are free to innovate.

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March Logistics Market Snapshot from the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics


The previous record was German carrier Lufthansa’s 2007 profit of $2.6 million square feet , the highest annual level of demand since 2007. The March Edition of your Logistics Market Snapshot is now available! Download your free.PDF copy directly from our website [ HERE ]. The State of Georgia has experienced a record increase in both exports and imports for the fourth consecutive year. Georgia increased to the 11th largest exporting state from the 12th.

Mapping Product Genomes: The Life Blood of Supply Chains


By 2007 it was $10M, and it has now dropped to $1000, and is expected to drop to a penny by 2020! One major technological development is being able to map genomes for products. A genome is all of a living thing’s genetic material.

A Fireside Chat with John Sculley, Apple’s former CEO


Let’s imagine we are back in 2007 – and Kodak was focused on a project which sought how to compete with Wal Mart in a single use camera taking market share away from their camera. In 2007, Apple launched the I-Phone.

Logility Buys Halo BI

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With annual revenues of 16-44$M, in the period of 1997-2007, the Company returned to its parent to become a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software in 2007. In general, solution innovation lags the industry. I like simple, well-positioned innovative niche solutions. The company was innovative selling reasonably priced solutions to mid-market manufacturers. I believe that solution innovation by the Halo team will slow through the acquisition.

Major Trends Impacting the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Ecosystem

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Looking at global figures, growth in the consumption of drugs has increased 32 percent from $735 billion in 2007 to $965 billion in 2012, and consumption is projected to reach about $1.2 Biopharmaceutical Supply Chain Global Supply Chain Healthcare Supply Management Organizing for Supply Chain Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Supply Chain Innovation Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Strategy

A Real World Humanitarian Logistics Model

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A humanitarian logistics model developed by the Center for Latin American Logistics Innovation (CLI) improves the efficiency of response efforts by taking a holistic view of these operations. Floods in Colombia caused widespread damage.

What’s Your eCommerce Strategy? Is Fulfillment On It?


Amazon continued to expand and innovate its reach. And brick-and-mortar storefronts continued to hang up their hats and lock their doors—more so than during 2007’s recession. Fortunately, the shared economy and innovative technologies are evolving alongside the global supply chain.

Welcome 2019

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The teams in these seats did not experience the down market in 2007 or the start of the market run in 2009. Innovation from best-of-breed technologies drives this change. Welcome to a new year. Congratulations. You made it through 2018.

2020 Requires Big Wings and Feet

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Ironically, inventory levels today are higher than they were in 2007; yet customer service levels issues abound. Technology change is moving faster than process innovation. It has been awhile.

3 Ways Crowdsourcing Is Revolutionizing Supply Chain Management


It drives an innovative fulfillment strategy through its vast distribution center network and independent delivery fleet that enables it to guarantee two-day delivery. Crowdsourcing improves product innovation.

Four Strategies To Deploy As Supply Chain Hits Main Street

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When the recession of 2019-2020 happens, the whiplash will be higher than the 2007 recession. Innovators need to define business cases. Bottom line, we have stalled innovation in the supply chain planning market. May was a conference month.

The Ultimate List of Top Logistics Startups – Blog


And it’s about to get hit by a freight train of innovation. How much do we love freight innovation? And we found that freight innovation is hot. Holland Container Innovations. Improved cargo capacity by innovative 40 foot container design (fold).

Eight Key Takeaways From FreighTech 2018:TLV


This week, Freightos hosted over forty logistics and innovation executives for FreighTech 2018, a symposium dedicated to discussing challenges and opportunities in the industry. She was involved in the eTicket project that helped retire the last paper ticket used back in 2007.

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VTech: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

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They were growing fast and were innovative; but, my intuition was that their approach was fundamentally flawed. I remember September 2007 very well. In April 2007, new housing starts collapsed. Slowly, more and more companies are waking up to the cold, and hard facts.

I Was Blown Away By How These Brothers Built A $25 Million Business Growing at 160%

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In 2007 they started a music sharing company called Surrge. We thought we could build a good base and work collaboratively with clients to innovate.” Press digital transformation Enterprise Technology financial services fintech innovation market trends technology solutions

Introducing Our New Podcast – Featuring Bill Marrin in Episode 1


He has worked for innovative start ups as well as Eastman Kodak, and has worked closely with companies like Apple and Adobe to help improve product delivery as the print and publishing industry adopted networked services in the 1990s.

The Better Goal: More Fuel Efficient Trucks or Using Fewer Trucks?

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miles out of its network from 2007-2010 and had increased its CWT per truck from 382 in FY 2007 to 415 in FY 2010, an 8.6 Put differently, in FY 2007, Del Monte left 11.2 Robinson and TMC earned second place in CSCMP’s Supply Chain Innovation Award. Last Friday, the U.S.

10 Books Logistics And Supply Chain Experts Need To Read


2007). This story, written by someone with the company from the start, is a great view into innovation, grit and perseverance. The Innovators: How a group of Hackers, Geniuses and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution by Walter Isaacson ( Link ).

Walmart: 3 Keys to Successful Supply Chain Management any Business Can Follow


It says it will do that by “clarifying retail career paths, better pre-employment training, more innovative and relevant on-the-job and supplemental training and credentials that employers will accept for advancement.” 17, 2007.

Sales and Operations Alignment: Often The Missing Link

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I first met Shane in 2007 at the beginning of his work with Syngenta’s value chain. In 2007, Shane Emms was asked to take a Global Supply Chain leadership assignment at Syngenta. This is the event where supply chain innovators talk to supply chain visionaries.

Out of Africa

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Instead, they are innovating in new ways on mobile devices. It started with simple money transfers in 2007 and now includes a range of services. Global multinational companies have a dilemma.

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And I thought last year’s Top 25 Supply Chain was a surprise


CTO Apple, The Art of Innovation. by CJ Wehlage On the bus ride back to the McDowell Marriott after the 2016 Gartner Top 25 Supply Chain event, I plugged my ear phones into my cell and listened to some Pearl Jam.

An Uneven Road Ahead for Driverless Vehicles

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There were subsequent challenges in 2005 and 2007. Today’s Google self-driving car is not far removed from the vehicles that competed in the DARPA Challenge in 2007, according to Sertac Karaman, Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

6 Strategies for Better Supply Chain Management in the Current Economy

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The years from 2007 through 2009 were notable for their economic volatility, reflected not only in the global economic recession but also the instability of customer demand and rapid movement in raw material, fuel, and commodity prices. But innovation doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

Segmenting Supply Chain using Portfolio Matrix (2x2 Matrix)

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Long story short, he said that there are 2 types of products, functional and innovative. In 2007, World Customs Journal published the paper called " Voluntary Supply Chain Security Program Impacts: An Empirical Study with BASC Member Companies ". NAVIGATE. Basics. Case Studies.

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“You’re Only as Good as Your Worst Supplier”

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When I started my career at Motorola in the early 90s, I worked in a group called People Reaching Out for Innovation in Semiconductor Manufacturing, or PRISM for short. Pratt’s experience immediately reminded me of what happened to Boeing back in 2007 when the company experienced a shortage of nuts and bolts used to assemble the Dreamliner , which resulted in a costly delay.

It Ain’t Easy Being Easy!

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I am pleasantly amazed at the use of innovative technology that is designed to turn the entirety of a forecast and trade promotion planning process into something that has been missing forever – a precise and trustworthy prediction of consumer purchase behavior.

Globalization? Or Globaloney?

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Back then I read books like The Tipping Point , The World Is Flat , and The Innovator’s Dilemma. How trade lines and connectivity are facing more friction in international trade today than before the 2007 recession, and that trade lanes are changing.

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Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Stephany Lapierre, CEO at tealbook!

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I launched my second business, a strategic sourcing and procurement consulting firm in 2007. They are becoming some of the most critical functions in an organization for improving innovation, speed to market and trust from customers. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

This Week in Logistics News (June 6-10, 2016)

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In the following weeks, DHL will continuously perform tests with different robot types and systems”, says Markus Kückelhaus, VP Innovation & Trend Research, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. My Little League team lost its first playoff game this past Monday.

Has China lost its relevance as a production location?

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It’s true that, on your first request, you will be given higher MOQs than, say, in 2007. Maybe it could be time to turn the tables, and to invite your supplier in for a talk on future innovation opportunities? China’s position as a production location is currently a hot topic amongst global thought leaders in supply chain. The general price level of products made in China is rising rapidly, and it has been claimed that some of the products actually originate in North Korea.

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Sweetgreen: Sustainable Supply Chains in Farm-to-Table Restaurants

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

Sweetgreen is a restaurant that was founded in 2007 in Washington, D.C Luiza Niemeyer, Claudia Sanchez, and Felipe Caro. with the aim of bringing healthy options to the fast-casual food business.