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I spent the last couple of days at North Carolina State University to work on a joint research project with my good friend Robert Handfield.

Malouf acquires 1 million sq ft distribution centre in Texas


Malouf warehouses total 3 million square feet and are located in Utah, Ohio, North Carolina and Texas. “We Click here for original article. The building sits on 94 acres and features 54-foot ceilings and 160 dock doors.

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Supply Chain Risk Management: Could You Face a Category 4 Supply Chain Disaster?


of east coast and Gulf of Mexico imports in September, according to an article from the Business Information Industry Association. Heading further north along the coast is Savannah, GA, home to the largest single container terminal in the United States.

Plant-location decisions and potential supply chain risk


At the new plant, Mazda expects to produce cross-over models which Mazda will introduce to the North American market, and Toyota plans to produce the Corolla for the North American market. Toyota will be better positioned to respond to the growing North American market.

What is Supply Chain Compliance and Why is it Important?


But, in this article, our focus for supply chain compliance touches on the importance of barcode and labeling requirements. North Carolina. North Dakota. South Carolina. When you hear the word compliance , what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

When it Comes to Direct-to-Consumer Shipping, Warehouse Size Matters

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Read more in the Material Handling & Logistics article, Big Warehouses Are Getting Even Bigger. According to Hayley Peterson’s Business Insider article, A Trader Joe’s competitor is opening 100 stores in the US — see if it’s coming to your hometown, Lidl will open its first 20 stores this summer in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, with plans to open 100 stores over the next year.

Ripped from the Headlines: Supply Chain Trends in the News

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In recent weeks, I’ve come across several news articles highlighting a few supply chain and logistics trends that I’ve written about over the past couple of years — namely, companies bringing logistics operations back in-house; suppliers getting “bullied” by large customers; and why learning to perform tasks manually, without software or technology, is an important learning exercise. Based on recent news articles, it seems like the practice of squeezing suppliers continues.

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Hey Mr. President, Why Can’t We Be More Like Germany?

Supply Chain View from the Field

Recent statements from a New York Times article show that Germany is the envy of Europe for economic reasons as well. The article goes on to note that Germany, Europe’s largest economy, is viewed not only with resentment but with a mixture of apprehension, envy and admiration, informed by a belief that the Germans have cracked the code of how to compete in the globalized world, coupled with an uncertainty about whether their efficient, export-driven economic model can be replicated.

This Week in Logistics News (February 18-22, 2013)

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Con-way Truckload and Con-way Multimodal Join Forces to Launch New Intermodal Service for North America. CombineNet and Transplace Extend Partnership in Delivering Advanced Transportation Procurement Solution to North America.

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Supply Chain Disruption and Digitization

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Yet, more and more articles address the topic of digital disruption and see it as an opportunity. And truck platooning is being experimented with in North Carolina. Disruption is generally anathema in supply chain circles. The dictionary defines a disruption as “a disturbance or problem that interrupts an event, activity, or process.” Digital disruption is about interrupting business models or entire economic sectors.

Sheetz Expands with New Distribution Center

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the popular gas station and convenience store chain, announced last year its plans to build a manufacturing and distribution center in Burlington, North Carolina. This recent Times-News article describes the campus design, which will include a Sheetz Bros.

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Society

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Those are valid concerns; however, in this article, I want to focus on the brighter side of AI. In addition, autonomous trucks are being tested in platoons in North Carolina and autonomous ships are predicted to one day fill sea lanes delivering supplies. Depending on your point of view, artificial intelligence (AI) can either be the boogeyman or the potential savior of humankind.