The 7 Best Events For Freight Shipping in 2015


Are you up-to-date with the latest events in freight shipping and logistics? As you know, the atmosphere for freight brokers is only getting more competitive. Staying current in the world of shipping and freight also takes strong networking and communication.

Distribution in China takes a detour

Supply Chain Movement

Hence the companies Bugaboo and Foss have both faced considerable challenges, as they revealed during the recent ‘Supply Chain Opportunities in China’ seminar in Amsterdam on 24 June 2015. The roundtable discussions during the seminar confirmed that it’s a familiar problem.

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Who's Looking Out For the Interests of Freight Brokers?

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There are many trade associations and organizations that represent carriers, but what about about freight brokers and 3PLs? TIA members also include freight forwarders, intermodal marketing companies, Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers, and warehousing.

LTL Weight and Inspection Grows: Shippers Who Misrepresent Freight need to know the Consequences


Unfortunately, shippers who misrepresent freight have taken advantage of 2014’s major capacity crunch and the perception of one on the way to make shippers trust their predetermined information. In a sense, shippers have plenty of power at the start when placing orders for pick up, but carriers have the final say in what freight shipping costs. What’s the Problem When Shippers Misrepresent Freight? What about freight from other shippers? Freight

China Logistics stretched by exponential growth in e-Commerce


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5 Questions You Should Ask About Customs Compliance


How long does Customs hold freight if there are compliance issues? Depending upon the type of examination that occurs, freight can be detained for as little as a single day up to several weeks. You might also look into one of our full-day seminars on imports and exports.

Why Your Supply Chain Isn’t Best in Class

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I’m actually going to go into each of these 8 Tips in a lot more detail at our next Free Breakfast Seminar. 7 – Freight Transport – Service v Cost. The first thing to understand about freight rates, is that it’s not about the rate! That Free Breakfast Seminar.

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Common Supply Chain Mistakes to Avoid

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At our seminars I often share case studies demonstrating the impact of not getting this right. The prices your company is paying for freight transportation. Are You Suffering Too?

The Acme Experience: Ignore Trade Compliance at Your Own Risk


The fact is, even if you have a reputable freight forwarder and customs broker , you may not be safe. Acme’s story began when its vice president of logistics, Donna Smith, attended one of our seminars on trade compliance and policy.

Accelerating Your Trucking Business


I went to one of those motivational speaking seminars. Today is a bit of difficult time in the freight industry. Blog Business Insights Freight Broker Trucking

Thailand Courts Foreign Investment, While Leadership Questions Remain

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Those were among the phrases that officials voiced at a recent seminar in Bangkok organized by the Thailand Board of Investment (BOI). Kobsak Pootrakool, who holds the title of minister attached to the prime minister’s office, told the investment seminar that Thailand’s international competitiveness has been on the decline in recent years. “Stop and go.” Sway and swing.”

10 Issues Keeping Manufacturers and Distributors Up At Night for 2015


Lot’s of questions here as many manufacturers and distributors are questioning what is beyond promotions, events / seminars and brand messaging. As we get settled into this new year, we thought we’d share observations from conversations we’ve had with manufacturers and distributors recently.

FNAQ – Frequently Not Asked Questions of a SaaS Provider


s one guy said at a SaaS seminar we attended last week. Blog Business Insights Freight Broker TruckingHere’s is the FNAQ for our web-based trucking and logistics ‘software as a service’ business. These questions are frequently not asked by our customers.

Asia Supply Chain Excellence Report: Issue, January 2013

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

China does not have the coastal exposure that countries such as Japan and the Philippines have, so the impacts of typhoons are generally limited to delays in ocean and air freight. Sharing knowledge and leading practices, joint pilots, seminars, etc., January 2014. Subscribe. Supply Chain Risk in China: Focus on. Key Areas to Gain Greater Peace of Mind. Supply chain executives in the US and Europe nervously listen to news out of Asia about factory fires, typhoons and labor disputes.

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