Research in Focus: Sourcing Trends and Concerns

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Below is an excerpt from a report published recently by Amber Road and the American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) titled “ The Trade Trends Report: 2017 Report on Sourcing, Trade, and e-commerce.” Sourcing is the heart of today’s global supply chains, and decisions made on sourcing impact everything from transportation and shipping costs, to both social and regulatory compliance concerns. Sourcing decisions can complicate or simplify this process.

Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain

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The recent announcement by Google-owned Motorola Mobility that all new Moto X smartphones sold in the US will be manufactured in Texas, highlights the continued importance of the global supply chain and role of freight forwarders and logistics services providers (LSPs) in successful local sourcing strategies. The post Local Sourcing, Global Supply Chain appeared first on Kewill Corporate.

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LTL to Intermodal Shipping: How to Find and Eliminate Freight Spend Black Swans


Shippers need to know why freight black swans are increasing, how using LTL to intermodal shipping options can reduce their incidence, and a few best practices to keep the use of intermodal from becoming a black swan itself. DOWNLOAD THE FREE RESOURCE HERE. DOWNLOAD CALCULATOR. Shippers should work with multiple carriers and tap into the value of both LTL and intermodal shipping too.

Retail Shipping Perfection is a Costly Reality

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What Does that Mean for Your Retail Shipping Efforts? There are many moving parts in retail shipping. What Does the Demand for Perfection in Retail Shipping Equate to? See what’s at stake when trying to ship perfect retail orders and how to avoid the potential for expensive problems. Simple Truck Issue Equals Retail Shipping Headache for Snack Company. A manufacturer of health-conscious snack foods was shipping product to its retail customer in Chino, CA.

Blockchain: A Single, Immutable, Serialized Source of Truth

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Acquire the source materials: add a block. And so on, from source to end-customer receipt. Figure 1 illustrates an example of blockchain (click the download button at the end of the article to view the illustration). Always Available: A Shared, Distributed “Source of Truth”. In fact, the distributed nature of blockchain adds additional value as it removes the entire concept of a central clearing house or source vendor.

Avoid These Parcel Shipping Mistakes to Reap Big Benefits

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What if I told you I could help your company save thousands of dollars in parcel shipping costs? In a single carrier environment, you limit your ability to find the best shipping option. Having a multi-carrier shipping solution solves this first mistake. When margins are tight and budgets are thin, where do you find the money to invest in a carrier agnostic, third party shipping application? Download our eBook- Omni-Channel Retail – Top 3 Logistics Challenges.

Freight Consolidation for Full Truckload: The Hidden Gem of Full Truckload Shipping


Full truckload shipping is generally less expensive than other over the road transportation modes. Instead of throwing in the towel, shippers can leverage full truckload shipping to ship LTL shipments in the back of a full-size van or trailer. Unfortunately, the surrounding LTL shipping has resulted in an unusual problem; shippers are turning to LTL-exclusive shipments, which can significantly drive up freight spend. Download Here.

Causal Forecasting Brings Precision to your Forecasting


You can be proactive and use c ausal f orecasting to leverage data you already own, model additional data sources that could help explain demand variability… or do nothing. . Featured Download. Download. Short Registration - Multi Part - BLOG FEATURED DOWNLOAD.

The Benefits of Full Truckload Shipping: How to Make Sure You Are Getting More Bang for Your Buck


The wrong strategy or blend of transportation modes will result in losses, and since consumers only see product costs through Amazonian eyes, increasing product price points and shipping charges is unacceptable. However, the benefits of full truckload shipping can be accessed by approaching logistics from a strategic vantage point, understanding the mode more thoroughly. Shipping costs are the same for a given type of shipment in full truckload. Download Here.

Four Risk Mitigation Actions for Weathering a Stormy Market


The recent decision by Japan’s three largest container companies to merge their shipping operations is yet another symptom of the volatility that is roiling the freight business. K” Line, MOL, and NYK are the three Japanese ship lines that are consolidating. It’s one of many changes that are reshaping the struggling container trades, which are still feeling shock waves from the decision by South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping Company to file for bankruptcy in August.

Procurement Technology: An Update from Spend Matters in Baltimore


22,000 sourcing events. $50 An example was provided to show how a requisition can be generated in 90 seconds and drive locked in savings through a preferred source, and avoids over-specifying the requirement. This leverages Amazon fulfillment (90,000 full time employees working in fulfillment centers, including robots and other technology.) Same day shipping is now in 16 metro areas.

Omnichannel Retail Strategy: Not just a Buzzword, But a Business Model


The Solution: Systems Enabling An Omnichannel Retail Strategy Are Easier to Implement Than Ever The solution, for retailers struggling with omnichannel development and deployment, lies in advanced systems that utilize an open-source architecture. Download White Paper. This is most obvious in business models allowing for ship-to-store and curbside pickup of online orders. An omnichannel retail strategy is the new norm in today’s supply chains.

Countdown to Black Friday: It’s the Final Countdown, So Get Your Shipments Up in the Air

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In addition, consider the ancillary services that happen behind the scenes, such as customs clearance and distribution/delivery sourcing. To learn more about how air cargo can help optimize your global supply chain, download: Optimizing Your Supply Chain with Air Cargo. Global Transportation Air Black Friday ShippingIt’s not too late to get your product to store shelves in time for Black Friday, thanks to the swift performance of air cargo service.

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5 Steps to Supply Chain Orchestration Success


Receivers know when items have shipped and what size shipment to expect and when. Can you see and manage your entire global supply network from one single source? We call it a single source of “data truth.” Download: The OneSCM Workflow Engine is Your Key to Complete Supply Chain Orchestration. The successful music orchestra is a myriad of ensemble instruments working together to create beautiful music.

Supply Chain Digest Presents the Best in Supply Chain Content.

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Parcel Shipping. Watch our companion Video and download others Megatrend Executive Briefs at Supply Chain Digest is the industry’s premier interactive knowledge source, providing timely, relevant, in-context information. Search. or Search by TOPIC. Select Topic. Bar Coding/Label Printing. Compliance Networks. Consumer Goods and Retail Supp. Demand Planning/Forecasting. Distribution/Centers. ERP Systems. Global Logistics.

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The Ultimate List of Top Logistics Startups – Blog


So I spoke to everyone I knew in the field and looked through some other sources (Crunchbase, Jonathan Wichmann’s great list of logistics startups site, CB Insights and more) to come up with the ULTIMATE LIST of disruptive logistics startups. Download an Excel version of the list here for free ! Movers marketplace matching shipping requirement with freelance student drivers. Specialized Shipping. shipping address for E-Commerce purchasing. DOWNLOAD NOW!

LTL Capacity Best Practices in Times of Tight Freight Capacity


LTL capacity has routinely been used as a source of added capacity when full truckload becomes unavailable. LTL carriers have always been seen as a way to navigate tight capacity in full truckload, but the increased use of LTL capacity today means the ability to respond to on-demand shipping is diminished. Download White Paper. In a Nutshell The shipping surge will continue.

Choosing Pallets: Identifying the Right Pallets For Your Business


To ensure you pick the right size pallet you need to confirm where you will be shipping as different countries adhere to different standards. download the pdf here. Chapter 2: Types of Pallet How to pick the right type of pallet to improve your shipping abilities. Chapter 3: Pallet Sizes How to picking the right size pallet can save you money on shipping costs. Chapter 5: Pallet Options How different pallet sources can affect your budgets.

Logistics Industry Responds to Rise and Rise of e-Commerce

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With the estimated value of the global B2C e-commerce market in 2012 running at €825bn and mobile commerce growing by 300% in the same period (source: IMRG ), it’s hardly surprising that the logistics industry is sharpening its offering and launching services specifically aimed at meeting the fast-changing needs of the multichannel retail market (click here to read Kewill's 2012 whitepaper on the impact of the rise and rise of multichannel retail).

Innovative Approaches to Supply Chain Risk


This key supplier had been identified and sure enough, you have a second source primed and ready to go. We have a problem.” The alternate source uses the same supplier in Taiwan. Adding to this challenge is the reluctance of suppliers to share their sources with their customers for competitive reasons. Supply chain risk management practice advises us to source additional suppliers and plan additional strategic inventories as mitigation strategies.

RFID in the Supply Chain: Fizzling Technology or the Future of Effective SCM?


Download white paper. According to Atlas RFID, Active RFID tags require a power source, and therefore can initiate communication with a reader (beacon). Passive RFID tags, on the other hand, rely on power sources within external RFID tag readers. As the omnichannel supply chain has risen, more stores are actively connecting consumers to the supply chain through rewards programs, online orders, and storefront-as-a-distribution center shipping options.

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New IMO 2020 Regulations Help Reduce Marine Sulphur Emissions

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This bold initiative, which goes into effect on January 1, 2020, will help reduce the environmental impact of the international shipping industry. . As we look forward to the new year, it’s important to understand why these new regulations are taking place and how IMO 2020 will impact the global shipping market. Ocean shipping , an efficient and cost-effective means for transporting international goods, accounts for more than 80% of global trade.

Building the Business Case for Supply Chain Risk Management


Download White Paper. The same source also informed that the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) Risk Index of 2016 was the highest since records have begun in 1995. Source: Deloitte We can provide lots more statistics and data , but the takeaway here is clear: effective supply chain risk management is critical for any organization to be successful in our ever-changing world.

Moving Up The Corporate Ladder, Does Your Freight Spend Have A Seat At The Table?

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The previous decade has seen many companies, mainly those handling manufacturing operations, change how sourcing of direct materials is executed – from an administrative function to a somewhat strategic procurement approach that has seen the creation of a new position “the Chief Procurement Officer.” Both Large and Mid-sized shipping companies rely on procurement personnel. Why not download your FREE easy-to-read Return on Logistics eBook.

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Five Technology Patents that Changed the Supply Chain


Shorter product lifecycles, fluid sourcing (a’la Aliababa ) and more transparency means agile supply chains that change often. The Shipping Container. Amazon Anticipatory Shipping. The Shipping Container, 1958. The shipping container changed shipping forever. Prior to the container, general cargo was a general mess, requiring a veritable Tetris game every time a ship was loaded. Anticipatory Package Shipping , 2013.

Unlocking the Value in Blockchain for Logistics


DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER. This ensures validation of product, order, and shipping data in real-time. Blockchain also helps with the manufacturing process, helping consumers tap into additive manufacturing sources, like 3D printing, for parts fulfillment, reducing the cost of manufacturing and transport along the way. This is a major source of added value through blockchain. The value in blockchain for logistics is about more than just retaining information.

Freight Procurement Solutions Are Transforming Supply Chains


Why You Should Consider Freight Procurement Sourcing Solution. First, for shipping companies and third-party logistics (3PL) providers, automation provides an opportunity to develop a strategy for each carrier type, mode, capacity and service. In the world of procurement, freight sourcing is a unicorn… it’s unique and complex with multiple modes, varying capacities, innumerable regulation requirements and safety issues.

12 Distribution Center Best Practices You Need to Implement Today


Download ebook. The more you can eliminate sources of human error — such as taking notes on scraps of paper —?the Reducing touches in shipping might mean your pickers “pick” to a shipping receptacle instead of an intermediate carton or tote. You know better than anybody that the layman would probably never believe how complicated distribution center management can be.

Steel Fabrication and General Manufacturing Tips and Tricks for 2015


As manufacturers continue to increase profitability and increase their share of the overall GDP, in order to sustain and survive long-term, they need to focus on these key areas for logistics efficiency: Use Readily and Easily Deployed Transportation and Freight Technology : A survey by ARC revealed that 23 percent of respondents using a transportation management system would see a 10 percent increase in total freight costs if they stopped using the system , the source reported.

Applying Blockchain in Logistics & Supply Chain Management: 5 Reasons Why Supply Chain Execs Need to Know More


Applying blockchain in logistics and supply chain management is about doing more with less, a common concept in business, and shippers need to know a few things about how it could add value to the shipping ecosystem. DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER. Freight audits will become almost nonexistent as information is tracked to the point of origin, whether it’s the manufacturing location, raw materials used, sourcing of reclaimed parts, or payment processing.

Use of Blockchain in Supply Chain & Logistics: Looking to Examples Across Industries for Better Understanding


DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER. Retail Blockchain – Applications of blockchain technology in the retail supply chain go back to the sourcing of a product, validity, sustainable practices during manufacturing, movement through international trade, returns management, and recycling or reclamation of raw materials. The days of managing supply chains through databases and changing information are over.

Blockchain and Supply Chain Analytics: Impact of Small to Large Supply Chains


DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER. Blockchain’s ability to identify the complete history of a product, as well as analytics to denote problematic operating and shipping processes, can alleviate the concerns over a counterfeit product and ensure all raw materials and components are sourced properly. Reduction in costs of compliance occurs as companies are capable of storing, retrieving and monitoring shipping processes and reducing paperwork in completing such activities.

23 logistics professionals share the #1 way to reduce logistics costs

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“One greater way to reduce logistics costs is to…” Ensure that all your products are properly barcoded and scanned into your inventory management system upon arrival and then again upon departure when shipped out a customer.

Food Logistics Tips for Making Sure Perishable Foods Are Safe During Transit


DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER. The supplies must get shipped quickly, so they remain fresh and don’t dry out — brewers must use hops within 12 hours of harvest. Water sources, lines, nozzles or tanks should remain free of pathogens and biofilms — this prevents the spread of foodborne illnesses, too. One of the most challenging tasks in the food and beverage industry involves making sure foods and supplies reach their destination in top form.

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What If Your Supply Chain Had A Control Tower?


Its mission is to gather and integrate data from various sources and orchestrate it in such a way that it enhances supply chain visibility and efficiency. Giant retailers source from all over the world, and are typically designing and building robust, resilient solutions that control supply chain flows, and deal with disruptions, in real time. Online shipping management? What If Your Supply Chain Had A Control Tower? Article contributed by Batool Iqbal.