Walmart Updates Supplier Guidelines, Again

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The strict guidelines were implemented to help the company run leaner and be more exact with inventory levels. Unfortunately, most suppliers have been unable to meet the strict guidelines. The post Walmart Updates Supplier Guidelines, Again appeared first on Zipline Logistics.

Retail Compliance: Solving for Walmart Vendor Guidelines

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A producer of organic superfoods engaged Zipline Logistics to solve reoccurring delivery problems for one of its largest customers – Walmart. The post Retail Compliance: Solving for Walmart Vendor Guidelines appeared first on Zipline Logistics.

9 General but Important Tips and Guidelines for Better & Sustainable Freight Management


Are you looking forward to becoming a master of logistics, handling freight management with increased efficiency? Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post 9 General but Important Tips and Guidelines for Better & Sustainable Freight Management appeared first on Freight Logistics Company | Cerasis. If that happens to be the case and you need to be able to handle whatever comes your way, then you will need to be fully aware of a few things along the way.

Kroger Vendor Guidelines Updated for On-Time Delivery

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Updated Kroger Vendor Guidelines Below are the specific changes that Kroger will be implementing: Any supplier that achieves an average of […]. The post Kroger Vendor Guidelines Updated for On-Time Delivery appeared first on Zipline Logistics.

CBD and Marijuana Logistics

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With all the ambiguity and uncertainty around CBD and cannabis products, how can you ensure that your logistics are in compliance with all the state and federal laws? His experience includes operations, supply chain management and logistics in the consumer goods industry.

Blockchain and Reverse Logistics: Recapturing Costs and More


The costs of reverse logistics amount to more than $750 billion per year, and the demand for reverse logistics has risen in recent years with the rise of e-commerce. This is why blockchain in reverse logistics go well together. Blockchain Reverse Logistics

5 Skills Needed for Radical Supply Chain and Logistics Collaboration


Those in the supply chain and logistics management industry have been talking a great deal about collaboration in dealing with our business partners. Are you "Radical" Enough to Make Supply Chain and Logistics Collaboration Work?

This Week in Logistics News (October 17-21, 2016)

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Our Logistics Leaders for T1D Cure Team (LL4T1DCure) raised just under $43,000 for the cause! Moving on, here’s this week’s supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention: IBM, Walmart, university to put Chinese food products on blockchain (Reuters).

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The Key to Customer Satisfaction in Lean Logistics Management. However, this really got me thinking about on-time performance and standards in logistics management– I wouldn’t be a true lean logistics professional if it didn’t. Lean and six sigma teach us these terms as the basis for achieving high quality service to our customers in logistics management. Just follow these 5 lean guidelines: Set your standards for on-time delivery while challenging the status quo.

[INFOGRAPHIC] AI Technologies: The Role of Humans & The Application in Logistics


Practical Applications: Using AI Technologies to Maximize & Compliment Logistics Resources. Hong Kong: Logistics. However, the application of AI technologies to logistics is not limited to resource optimizing and scheduling, Dr Chun said.

Green Logistics: How to deliver efficiently while minimizing carbon footprint


Source The process and involvement of logistics department in every organization have become an essential part to the economic development for a long time now. How can companies enable Green Logistics?

4th Annual Pharmaceutical Logistics & Cold Chain Forum

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4th Annual Pharmaceutical Logistics & Cold Chain Forum. JOIN THE PHARMACEUTICAL LOGISTICS & COLD CHAIN FORUM. Senior Manager Plasma Logistics & Dispositioning. Impact & Implementation of Revised GDP Guideline. 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Logistics & Cold Chain Forum. Impact & Implementation of Revised GDP Guideline. Succesful Implementation of the Latest GDP Guideline.

Temperature Controlled Logistics leadership forum – DACH – 2016

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Temperature Controlled Logistics leadership forum – DACH – 2016. We will be confronting these challenges head on enabling you to get the answers you need to transform your supply chain and help you push what is possible in temperature controlled logistics.

Logistics Alert: What the New IMO 2020 Emissions Standards Mean for the Shipping Industry


Logistics Alert: What the New IMO 2020 Emissions Standards Mean for the Shipping Industry. Below, I’ll examine what shippers need to know about the new fuel guidelines and discuss how it could affect their business. Changes to Global Fuel Guidelines.

5th Annual Life Science & Temperature Controlled Logistics

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5th Annual Life Science & Temperature Controlled Logistics. On one hand, you have regulations and guidelines- on the other, practical proceeding in reality. During the two days of the Cold Chain & Logistics Forum you will not only hear good practices of highly experienced speakers and recommendations to tackle your daily challenges, but you will be proactively involved in the discussions resolutions and findings.

How to Improve Freight Labeling for Transport and Logistics Management


To combat the problem here’s a way to improve freight labeling for transport and logistics management. Freight labeling guidelines are strict and the slightest error, or absence of a label, gives receivers the right to refuse delivery. Freight Logistics

This Week in Logistics News (April 11-15, 2016)

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Moving on to this week’s supply chain and logistics news… Amazon ‘in talks over Hahn Airport base’ ( Lloyd’s Loading List ). London’s Delivery Cube “pauses” logistics operations to focus on tech platform ( TechCrunch ). Note: Descartes and GT Nexus are Talking Logistics sponsors.

6 Quick Tips for Successful Logistics Outsourcing

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In this short article, I’ll redress the balance a little by highlighting a few practical guidelines which, if adhered to, will increase the chances of a successful logistics outsourcing alliance. Successful logistics outsourcing is built on detail—the more, the better.

15th Annual Cool Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe

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15th Annual Cool Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe. Europe’s Biggest and Longest-Running Gathering of Life Sciences Logistics, Supply Chain & QA Professionals will yet again bring together 500+ professionals and 60+ exhibitors to start the big discussion. Next generation temperature controlled logistics – A 100% discussion led stream looking at the future of CRT and Cool chain GDP compliance.

I Will Be Wrong Again: Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2017

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This is not only true for financial investments, but also for supply chain and logistics predictions. I’ve been wrong with many of my predictions in the past (still waiting for a major third-party logistics provider to buy a major software company or vice versa), and I will be wrong again.

Manufacturing and Logistics: Manufacturers Look towards Logistics Efficiency to Stay Competitive


A traditional viewpoint of manufacturers reveals many flaws in the efficiencies of standard shipping, transportation, and other logistics processes. Inherently, manufacturing and logistics go hand in hand. Fortunately, third-party logistics providers ( 3PLs ) may be the solution.

Utilizing a 3PL to Apply Transportation Management Best Practices For E-Commerce


E-commerce is expanding to reach $1 trillion by 2025, and demand for more products and services among the world’s shippers is keeping third-party logistics providers, like Cerasis, on their toes. Create a set of rules and guidelines for managing both inbound and outbound freight.

5 Steps for Sustaining Healthy 3PL Relationships!

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Communication Guidelines. I have also found it useful to develop a set of communication guidelines that both parties can adopt. Setting these guidelines will lead to a reduction in email traffic and an increase in accountability of all parties. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

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7 Distribution Technology Trends Worth Discussing


Hours of Service Guidelines Are Evolving. Hours of service (HOS) guidelines are also changing for drivers. Ultimately, the benefit is found in knowing where all drivers are, how long they can drive for without violating HOS guidelines and what steps can be taken to keep the flow of goods moving. Distribution E-Commerce Logistics Logistics Supply Chain Technology distribution technology

Logistics News: Guidelines for Successful Distribution Center Audits

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Viable Visibility with Ocean Carriers

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As in many areas of logistics, visibility during the ocean shipping process continues to be a challenge for both shippers and carriers alike. Shippers are constantly seeking new ways to gain more visibility into their supply chain to ensure on-time deliveries and meet cost guidelines.

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2016 Day 1 Video Review and Commen

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Developing BiModal Supply Chain Capabilities, Smart Crowdsourcing Program for Supply Chain Ideas by Nestle, Why Sales Should Not Own Demand Planning, Guidelines on Outsourcing Logistics

[Infographic]: How Visual Aids Can Improve Safety in the Workplace


Our aim at Cerasis continues and will always be to provide the most important information to those in the manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and logistics industry. Quick Guidelines for Safety in the Workplace from OSHA.

This Week in Logistics News (September 11-15, 2017)

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As you read this, I’ll be at a meeting with my Logistics Leaders for T1D Cure teammates and over 500 other people in preparation for tomorrow’s 100-mile JDRF Ride. New Federal Guidelines Coming for Self-Driving Cars (WSJ- sub. Happy Friday from Saratoga Springs, NY!

Start Managing Your Inbound Freight More Effectively Today

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This will establish a set of mandatory guidelines that will be used for all vendor-controlled (VDS) and customer pick-up (CPU) shipments. Dan Clark, Kuebix Founder and President, is a logistics industry innovator.

Are you a Game Changer? Tell us your Story!

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As you complete the form and tell us about your Game Changing activities we ask that you consider the following guidelines: Guidelines: Articles should be at least 1000 words long. SupplyChain #Leadership #supplychainmanagement #procurement #purchasing #logistics #freight.

What does increasing regulatory oversight mean for the pharma supply chain?

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Due to more complex supply chains, policy makers worldwide are enforcing stricter regulations for manufacturing and logistics. China published new GMP guidelines in 2012 and called on pharmaceutical companies to pursue GMP certification by the end of 2013.

What is the FMSCA’s Unified Registration System (URS) And What is the Impact on Transportation & Logistics Management?


Many logistics providers and entities in the transportation management industry are unsure of what exactly the final rule on the URS means and how it affects business on a daily basis. How Will the Unified Registration System Impact Existing Transportation and Logistics Providers?

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The Ultimate Guide to Plastic Pallets


The different colors can also be used to help identify different shipments in your logistics network for instance. As well as design and weight capacity you’ll need consider export and import guidelines as these will influence which pallets you required. It can often be tricky selecting the correct plastic pallets for your business.

Still Don’t Know How Many Slaves Are In Your Supply Chain?

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Intel also donated $250,000 to a fund to help smelters who want to meet the tech giant’s ethical guidelines but cannot afford to retrace their supply chains. appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. How many slaves are in your supply chain? I asked that question almost three years ago following the collapse of a garment factory in Bangladesh that killed more than 1,100 workers and injured thousands of others.