The Story Continues…. Let’s Don’t Sugar Coat the Real Issue

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This morning, my mailbox was bombarded with the news of tentative agreement of the settlement of the nine-month labor conflict between the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

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With how quickly new technology, tips and warehouse management techniques are emerging, wouldn’t it be nice to take a page from someone else’s book? Foot Locker @footlocker Foot Locker makes it easy for customers to shop the way they want to shop by improving inventory visibility.

California Freight Heats Up, Spurred By Hanjin Collapse

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Since two of the re-scheduled ships docked in the twin seaports of Los Angeles and Long Beach over the weekend of September 10-11, demand has surged for vans in the L.A. The load-to-truck ratio in Los Angeles lit up the entire state of California on the DAT Hot States map.

25 supply chain experts reveal the best tactics to optimize a supply chain

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From raw materials sourcing to warehouse operations , logistics technology , order fulfillment and beyond, there are dozens of points throughout the supply chain, all of which contribute to overall supply chain efficiency. A graduate of UC Berkeley, he resides in Los Angeles.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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That said, implementing Lean concepts would undoubtedly be part of that strategy, for example, - Lean Warehousing : Many firms (both retailers and manufacturers) are now aggressively rolling out Lean in their warehouse operations.

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This Week in Logistics News (April 4-8, 2016)

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Manhattan Associates Empowers Warehouse Managers With New E-Commerce Capabilities. The orders are being fulfilled from about 160 Best Buy stores in markets that include Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington.

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Google Express, Its Supply Chain & Viability

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It currently serves the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C., and it is testing fresh produce delivery in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

This Week in Logistics News (November 30 – December 4, 2015)

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Million Investment to Power Warehouse Management Software in the Cloud. Oz’s solutions address a number of pain points for e-commerce shippers by automating logistics and supply chain processes, including order fulfilment, inventory management/scanning, and shipping.

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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR): Where to Find Them Now and in the Future

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The applications of AMR in the warehouse are limitless, capable of replacing human labor for demanding, repetitive tasks. Warehouses will be able to fill more orders, replenish inventory faster, and reap significant savings and return on the investment in AMR on labor costs and through risk reductions. AMRs are already breathing new life into warehouse operations through four, distinct types of robots, reports Craig Guillot of Supply Chain Dive.

Nasty Gal: When a Disrupter Isn’t Disruptive Enough


With gumption, she did what any entrepreneurial, then-22-year-old would do: turn to social media to promote her inventory and fledgling business. To match demand, she began approaching labels to bolster inventory. Nasty Gal Inc.,

Strong demand and tight supply define industrial property sector in markets around the world


E-commerce logistics, distribution and warehousing requirements continue to drive the market and are increasing in line with online retail sales,” commented Mark E. The industrial sector's fundamentals continue to draw capital, as investors are attracted not only to the newest distribution and warehouse facilities, but also to the opportunity to find additional value in older assets near urban areas.

Managerial Practice Will Need to Catch up with the Emergence of Real-time Supply Chains


Working capital is generally in the form of inventory, which is an asset that doesn’t produce any revenue or cash. A metaphor is that of reducing friction, which increases flow, where friction includes all of the typical delays and problems that slow material flows and increase inventory. Friction can produce bottlenecks in production systems and shipments, which delays material and causes inventory to build up or shortages to occur.

Retail Shipments Keep Truckload Capacity Tight

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Load counts continued to climb in Los Angeles, and last Friday’s load-to-truck ratio hit 17.6 The Memphis to Columbus lane paid 14¢ better at $2.19/mile, with shippers adjusting warehouse inventories.

Spring Starts Slowly


Business Inventories. . While we are on the Commerce Department reports, let’s take a look at inventories, a key part of the GDP. The high levels of inventories held at the retail and wholesale levels are restraining the freight markets. . Looking for a warehouse?

11 Ways Tech Will Change Logistics in 2017


On the port side, the Port of Los Angeles and GE teamed up to improve tracking and unloading. Back in the 90’s, Amazon focused on online sales before shifting into online payments, warehousing and then third-party inventory management.

Global Point Saves Thousands Through Re-Engineered Distribution


Through their logistics division, they offer warehousing services including the stocking of buffer inventory and JIT delivery to anywhere in North America.</p> Particularly for customers located far from their New York warehouse that needed regular LTL shipments of components, the shipping cost was becoming an unacceptably large portion of total costs.</p>

Top 10 Cities for eCommerce Fulfillment


Los Angeles, California. Short-term” warehousing traditionally meant signing a one-year lease and committing to a service contract. For example, in Q4 when the holidays hit, companies like Walmart and Urban Outfitters hit about 80% of their warehouse capacity.

3 Amazon Moves Suggesting Next-Day Delivery Will Become the New Norm


This month, Amazon released its members-only program, FBA Onsite , that invites non-Amazon 3PLs and warehouses to become certified for Prime. Amazon has been working on its own shipping service and it’s set to go live in Los Angeles in the coming weeks.

Event Sales Streamlines Reverse Logistics Buying Opportunity


</p> <p>One key to providing great service is having a distribution and logistics capability that can respond quickly to buying opportunities – no matter where that inventory exists. As an example, Event Sales recently had an attractive opportunity to buy hundreds of general merchandise pallets in the Los Angeles area from a leading national retailer, and needed warehouse space to store its goods on very short notice.

This Week in Logistics News (February 27 – March 3, 2017)

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Boston startup raises $10M for retail software that predicts inventory needs (Boston Business Journal). Giant Warehouses Built at Rapid Pace in Fourth Quarter While Tenant Interest Declined (WSJ – sub.