Supply Chain Planning BPO: What’s Driving It and Should You Get On Board?


Now Gartner reports that SCP BPO is gaining traction ( Market Guide for Supply Chain Planning BPO or BPaaS, 29 July 2019 ), particularly in North America and Europe. You know that great feeling you get when you have an expert getting the job done?

Latin America's e-commerce problem


Latin America has the second lowest per capita e-commerce sales of any region globally. According to the Freedonia Group study Global E-Commerce , e-commerce sales in Latin America totaled $80 billion in 2018, accounting for 2% of the global total.

What are your wants and needs in supply chain?

Supply Chain Movement

Comparisons between the US and Europe. The research is an extension of the Supply Chain Technology User Wants and Needs survey that Gartner has run in North America for the past eight years and we are hoping to draw comparisons between the US and Europe.

New Bookends: The Tale of Supply Chain Global Leaders in Consumer Products

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The race for excellence will be won on other continents than North America and mainland Europe. Comparison of Colgate and Procter and Gamble for the Period of 2006-2014. …I hope that this exuberance spills over to North America to rethink the port systems.

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Why Financial Reengineering Does Not Equal Supply Chain Improvement

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I am a big fan of both his leadership and that of Annette Clayton, now COO of North America. Comparison of Emerson Electric and Schneider Electric for the Period of 2006-2016.

What Is The Mission?

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In Table 1, we share the comparison of inventory levels by the industry peer groups pre and post-recession. Performance is a comparison against the mean (minus the outliers) while improvement is a vector analysis of the orbit chart plots for the period of 2010-2018.). Annette Clayton’s vision as a newly minted SVP of Supply Chain (now COO for North America) is coming to fruition. Daily I see one. You probably also have them in your mail. What is it?

Gaining Clarity on Inventory Effectiveness

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As shown in Table 1, companies that rate themselves as more effective meeting their inventory goals are more likely to be located in North America than Europe. Profile and Comparison for Advanced Software Users of Inventory Optimization versus Basic Inventory Software Users.

Market Update: Transportation Industry News

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This month’s Market Update highlights key factors that impact the transportation industry in North America and will keep you up to speed on the latest news and topics that matter to your supply chain and business. Market Update: Transportation Industry News.

Intermodal Appeal Grows as Truckload Capacity Tightens

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In today’s environment of economic growth and increasing freight volumes, the ELD regulations continue to tighten over-the-road capacity," said Joni Casey, president and CEO of the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA.) By comparison, truck loads grew 5.2%

5 Ways On-demand Technology will Make your Next Public Warehousing Experience Easier


New technology is connecting public warehouses across North America and bringing them together in an online marketplace , where businesses can find space faster and easier. Pubic warehousing —a long-time solution for short-term warehousing needs—is evolving.

Top 10 Markets for Reefer Loads in First Half of 2018

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The high demand and tight truck load capacity has led to unprecedented numbers of reefer load posts on DAT load boards, North America's largest on-demand freight exchange. For comparison, no reefer market had more than 1 million outbound load posts in 2017.

LSPs and Freight Forwarders optimistic on market recovery

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Seven Activities to Turn Insights into Customer Delight

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When someone in North America starts looking for Extra Long Twin bedding sets, it is highly likely they are buying for someone going to a college dorm.

2017 Outlook: The Freight Recession is Over

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Freight volume and rates finally began to revive in May 2016, and year-over-year volume comparisons turned positive in August. The freight recession is over. An 18-month malaise was triggered by the worldwide collapse of oil prices at the end of 2014.

Why Category Management Should Always Start with Behavioral Clustering

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In an era of fast increasing consumer expectations (especially in the area of fulfilment and convenience) and instant price comparison, a business’s profitability and survival depend upon the effective use of tools such as clustering.

The Upswing of Chinese Logistics Companies


North America shows promising growth in trade activities thanks to deals between the US and China, South America, and Europe. Within South America, Brazil and Argentina were the most notable markets for logistics in RoW. Forecast to grow by a CAGR of 7.5%



Below is a comparison of both LTL and FTL which will help you make a decision most suitable for your shipping needs. Freightera marketplace connects shippers with hundreds of carriers serving over 3,000 businesses across North America, enabling them to save time and lower their shipping costs.

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Best Online Freight Marketplace by Transport News INTL


Transport News INTL has just selected Freightera as “Best Online Freight Marketplace – North America” in their Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2017! Looking ahead, Freightera is rapidly expanding in North America in 2017.

This Week in Logistics News (January 23-27, 2017)

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CX North America Information Services Inc. This enables a better comparison and booking of incoming quotes from transport providers.