3 Technology Companies Disrupting Shipping


FLEXE, Flexport and Convoy–three technology companies adding flexibility to the supply chain–,recently hosted the first Peak Logistics breakfast in Seattle, Washington. The founders of each company came together to discuss the overlap of technology and logistics and how it can be used to solve every day problems

Part 3: Delighting Customers Through Superior Retail Operations (Video)


In our final installment of the Seattle Startup Week Panel, Delighting Customers through Superior Retail Operations , we learn which retailers are doing well online, why people still feel compelled to go to the store, and also, what to expect with online grocery shopping. And so, any company that can figure out inventory, figure out shipping, returns, and do it all based out of a showroom, I think that’s where that magic spot is at.

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Part 1: Delighting Customers with Superior Retail Operations (Video)


Last week, we attended Seattle Startup Week in Pioneer Square. Man: Shipping expenses. You can’t ship from Florida to Seattle and get it there fast and cheap. Best practice Blog e-commerce eCommerce Retail Retail Supply chain Video customer satisfaction eCommerce Fulfillment Seattle Startup Week

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3 Technology Companies Disrupting Shipping


FLEXE , Flexport and Convoy –three technology companies adding flexibility to the supply chain–,recently hosted the first Peak Logistics breakfast in Seattle, Washington. Basically, responsible for ocean freight carriers, ocean ships that rely on truck companies. Shipping a 40-ton container back in July or June used to cost about $700 — a 40-ton container. More than half of Hanjin’s ships were chartered. MSC is interested to charter those ships.

Automated Package Lockers Growing as a BOPIS Solution

Multichannel Merchant

Buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) is a key approach to making that happen, reducing supply chain and shipping costs. Pilot Program for Automated Lockers Seeing Success in Seattle. Customer Experience Operations & Fulfillment Research Shipping BOPIS Buy online pickup in store (BOPIS ecommerce Fulfillment and Delivery operationsWith ecommerce expanding and consumers expecting greater speed and convenience, retailers need cost-effective ways to meet these demands.

Did Santa save on shipping this year?

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Amid all that uncertainly, shipping rates skyrocketed, and it got even crazier in the month to follow. So while Santa didn't save all that much money on shipping this year, those presents were delivered amid much more stable spot marketplace. Out West, Los Angeles to Seattle rose 17¢ to $2.79/mile. Falling rates Outbound rates were down in markets like Seattle , Denver and Philadelphia , places that are known for low prices.

Is Spring Shipping Season Finally Here?

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Those declines could be a temporary blip, though, because volumes are showing signs that spring shipping season has sprung. Seattle load counts surged a whopping 27%. Van rates spiked in early April, but the national average was in a steady decline for the rest of the month. For the month, the average van load paid $2.16/mile, which was still 2¢ higher than the March average. Rates fell on a majority of the top 100 van lanes, too.

Outbound Tender Rejections Increase for the First Time Since March Peak

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Produce shipping is showing signs of strengthening and should begin building activity for the remainder of the month before leveling off in June. Seattle is becoming a more favorable market for carriers and rejection rates are increasing. We are seeing favorable rates for shippers in Seattle, Ontario, California, and Denver, Colorado as carriers look to capitalize on outbound volumes. Shipping in or out of Alabama should be back to pre-pandemic difficulty.

Logistics Market Stays Flat as May Begins

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Seattle is becoming a more favorable market for carriers to head to with rejection rates increasing a bit. . Moving freight into Seattle, Ontario, California, and Denver , Colorado markets should pick up. Shipping in or out of Alabama should be close to normal. . As the state reopens retail facilities on May 4, shipping in and out of Arizona should not be substantially impacted. . Shipping to or from Colorado should not be restricted. .

Spot Market Van Rates Soared in September

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Columbus is a key distribution point for the Midwest and the Northeast, and it shipped more to the Southeast after the storms. One exception was out West: Rates on the lane from Seattle to Salt Lake City gained 36¢ at $2.25/mile. For carriers, van loads coming out of Seattle often pay backhaul rates, but rates have been on the rise on a few lanes in recent weeks. One lane that still doesn’t pay well, though, is the one from Seattle to Stockton, CA.

Enabling Supply Chain Flexibility: Two Important (But Often Overlooked) Factors

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The same thing can happen from a freight forwarding perspective: If you’re shipping from Poland, you might not be thinking about what’s happening in Amsterdam, but if you’re using KLM as a carrier [which has a major hub in Amsterdam] and the airport in Amsterdam shuts down, your shipment from Poland could get delayed or cancelled.

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Amazon Suspending Non-Essential Deliveries Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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With this in mind, we are temporarily prioritizing household staples, medical supplies and other high-demand products coming into our fulfillment centers so that we can more quickly receive, restock, and ship these products to customers.”. The WHO and CDC have stated that the likelihood of catching the COVID-19 virus by touching cardboard or other another shipping container is low.”.

Asian Airfreight Volumes Expected to Jump

Logistics Trends and Insights

Although reporting a decline in September cargo, Singapore Airlines announced plans to begin flights to Seattle beginning in September 2019 bringing the total number of US destinations in its network to five. Customers can also can also choose to place shipments in temperature-controlled containers and track their location during shipping. By all accounts, it looks as if the airfreight market from Asia has cooled a bit.

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California Freight Heats Up, Spurred By Hanjin Collapse

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Hanjin Shipping recently filed for bankruptcy , and a number of its ships pulled into port last week, after a lot of delays and uncertainty. Hanjin is the world’s seventh-largest commercial shipping company, and it’s struggling to find the money to unload its ships. Since two of the re-scheduled ships docked in the twin seaports of Los Angeles and Long Beach over the weekend of September 10-11, demand has surged for vans in the L.A.

Top 25 3PL warehousing companies in 2020 (by revenue)

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A behemoth in the logistics industry, UPS has operations in shipping, air freight, trucking, last-mile delivery and drone delivery. The company was started in 1907 as a small messenger service in Seattle with $100 in borrowed capital.

4 Highlights of Microsoft Build 2019


Recently I was I lucky enough to take a break from cleaning barnacles off the hull of the good ship SYSPRO to spend the week attending the Microsoft Build conference in Seattle. Microsoft uses this conference to communicate their technology vision and strategy to technology professionals. It’s a great way for nerds to get their creative juices flowing – […]. The post 4 Highlights of Microsoft Build 2019 appeared first on SYSPRO US. All Industries Miscellaneous

Omnichannel Logistics Solutions Takes the Supply Chain To The Next Level


The past few years have seen a steady push for more omnichannel logistics solutions, such as online or in-store returns, purchasing or shipping. Now, consumers can return products to Amazon stores, and recently, Amazon launched a no-employee grocery store, Amazon Go , in Seattle. Ultimately, eCommerce best practices , such as striving for two-day shipping, are no longer relevant. Take a look at how Business Insider reported the standard beliefs in “fast shipping.”.

This Week in Logistics News (January 11-15, 2016)

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So let’s go straight to the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: Amazon poised to take on UPS, FedEx in delivery business (Seattle Times). Pitney Bowes Expands Shipping Logistics Portfolio with Acquisition of Enroute Systems Corporation. The Seattle Times reported this week that “sometime in the first quarter, Amazon is expected to acquire the 75 percent of the French package-delivery company Colis Privé that it doesn’t already own.”

Amazon's Growing Robot Workforce is 45,000 Strong


According to a recent report in the Seattle Times , in 2016 Amazon significantly expanded the deployment of Kiva Robots in their fulfillment centers. The next generation of robots, however, will incorporate advances in deep learning - the algorithms that powered Google's AlphaGo to defeat the world champion Go Player Lee Sedol - to identify products, pattern-match the size and weight and then identify the most optimal strategy to pick, pack, and ship.

Air Freight Explained: Calculating Costs and Price Trends


International Air Freight Shipping: Definition. While 90% of everything is shipped by ocean, air connects the world faster, cutting China-US freight shipping time from 20-30 days by ocean to only 3 days by air cargo. Express freight is typically handled by one company (like DHL, UPS or FedEx) that handles the entire shipment lifecycle, with shipping from door to door in under five days. Why Ship Cargo by Air? Why Not to Ship Cargo by Air?

What the success of Prime Day means for your supply chain.


The hugely popular Amazon Prime day started in 2015 to celebrate the Seattle-based e-tail giant’s 20th anniversary by offering sitewide discounts to Prime Members. Data from those technologies provides you with shipping intelligence to guide decisions which can considerably reduce your shipping costs.Companies need to take advantage of 3PLs like CargoBarn to improve visibility for better customer service and more effective operations.

The Data Behind Amazon’s Logistics and Fulfillment Play


This is how he described their impact (emphasis added): “It may be because customers have such easy access to more information than ever before – in only a few seconds and with a couple taps on their phones, customers can read reviews, compare prices from multiple retailers, see whether something is in stock, find out how fast it will ship or be available for pick-up, and more. In other words, if your shipping your own goods, you’re competition.

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Ocean Freight Routing Terms Explained

Material Handling & Logistics

This acronym stands for All Water Service, which is one of the most cost-effective ways to ship your cargo, and also one of the most eco-friendly ; however, it’s also one of the slowest forms of freight transportation. With AWS, your cargo will be shipped from the port of origin to its destination using only water routes. For example, a freight shipment from Yantian to Chicago via Seattle would be unloaded on the West Coast and then shipped inland via truck or rail. .

Customer Experience in Logistics: 4 Key Areas to Lay the Foundation


Events like claims and reclassifications are hard pills to swallow, but they’re a fact of shipping. Author information Zen Newman Account Executive at PipelineDeals Zen Newman is an Account Executive at PipelineDeals’ Seattle office where he specializing in the freight and logistics industry. Across a wide number of industries, the way companies interact with customers has changed dramatically. There is no shortage of claims that we have now entered the age of the customer.

Google money moves into digitization of freight. What does it mean?


If you’ve been following the news on freight automation/digitization, freight marketplaces, the acquisition of Globaltranz, Uber Freight’s ups and downs and such, you would have not missed the news last Friday of CapitalG (the late stage investment arm of Alphabet, Google’s parent company) entering the space and backing Seattle-based Convoy. Freight Shipping Solution Welcome to Freightera Blog

Asian Airfreight Volumes Expected to Jump

Logistics Trends and Insights

Although reporting a decline in September cargo, Singapore Airlines announced plans to begin flights to Seattle beginning in September 2019 bringing the total number of US destinations in its network to five. Customers can also can also choose to place shipments in temperature-controlled containers and track their location during shipping. By all accounts, it looks as if the airfreight market from Asia has cooled a bit.

Asia 60

2 Signs That the Freight Recession Really Is Over

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Higher prices out of Memphis and Columbus tell us that retail traffic is moving, and higher rates out of Dallas and Seattle show us that the improvement is far-reaching. Seattle to Spokane was up 20¢ to $2.70/mile. Projections for Central California produce are still strong for June, so we’re keeping an eye on the Fresno market, but those shipping gaps meant that rates didn’t continue their upward trend on many of the top reefer lanes.

Amazon plans expansion of North American facilities in Mississippi and Alberta


The Seattle-based company says workers at the new centre will be responsible for picking, packing and shipping larger items such as outdoor equipment, patio furniture and bicycles. Online retail giant Amazon.com Inc. is opening a 1-million-square-foot distribution centre in Leduc County, south of Edmonton, which will reportedly create 600 full-time jobs by 2020.

Agriculture in the City

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The Economist notes, “From inside shipping containers in Brooklyn, New York, to a disused air-raid shelter under London’s streets and an innocuous warehouse on a Dubai industrial estate, vertical farms are sprouting up in all sorts of places, nourished by investment in the business from the likes of Japan’s SoftBank and Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos. Each container — the kind commonly seen on trains, trucks or ships — costs $85,000, not including shipping.

Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2018

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It will allow for the automation of more complex warehousing tasks, such as unloading shipping containers and picking packets or individual e-commerce orders. In markets with high land values, such as New York City, Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area, multistory distribution centers are emerging. We salute the year’s top advancements in supply chain technology and processes.

Amazon Threat Has Maersk Racing to Stop Clients Becoming Rivals

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Taking greater control of shipments would give Seattle-based Amazon more flexibility and help it avoid possible congestion in its warehouses. Skou is betting his strategy of combining the Maersk conglomerate’s container activities — including a shipping line, a port operator and a freight-forwarding service provider — will offer Amazon and others like it the integrated supply chain they need. “Amazon is a threat if we don’t do a good job for them,” Soren Skou, the CEO of A.P.

The Exploding Use of Robotics in Logistics and Manufacturing


Robotics can sort through incoming and outgoing packages faster, place them on the appropriate shelves, or shipping containers, and ensure the packages do not have any defects, which would cause unnecessary returns or delays in the order fulfillment process. The purchase of Kive Systems, for $775 Million allowed the online retailer to get ready for the rush of the holidays this past year, as stated in the Wall Street Journal: The Seattle online retailer has outfitted several U.S.

In Logistics, the Last Few Feet are as Important as the Last Mile

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For congested metropolitan areas such as Seattle, the focus is actually on the ‘final 50 feet’ of those shipments.”[3] According to Abt, a study by the University of Washington and Seattle Department of Transportation found “e-commerce and urban growth has led to a dramatic increase in the number of vehicles circling the urban core.” There are 5,280 feet in a mile.

How Important is 1% to Your Supply Chain?

Supply Chain Nation

To give you a better idea of how a small error can have a huge impact, imagine a container ship navigating from China to Seattle with a compass that is off by 1 degree. At that setting, it would miss its intended port by over 100 miles – putting the container ship closer to Vancouver or Portland. Perhaps you’ve seen the recent mobile service ads, where the pitchman talks about a 1 percent difference in reliability.

COVID-19 accelerates four trends and changes within global supply chains


Many international in-bound imports were able to maintain successful operation through the height of lockdowns – using larger ships with increased capacity to clear up empty container backlogs.