Who said supply chains are boring?: Trucks, Technology & Twitter.

Supply Chains Rock

Tuesday, October 27, 2009. 27th, a convoy of dozens of hybrid trucks will be rolling through Atlanta on their way to the Hybrid Truck 2009 National Conference at the Georgia World Congress Center. As part of the conference, IBM will also be publishing its new study, Truck2020, which examines the critical role that next generation trucking will play in making cities, supply chains, retail businesses and many aspects of our planet smarter, greener and more innovative.

Who said supply chains are boring?: AMR's Top 25 Highs and Lows

Supply Chains Rock

Wednesday, June 03, 2009. more and more companies will hire trained manpower for SCM & firms will innovate effective SCM to compete with each other. Who said supply chains are boring? Whenever I tell a friend, colleague or family member about my job as soon as the words "supply chain" are muttered I immediately see glassy eyes followed by a yawn or two.

SCM 100

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Who said supply chains are boring?: Recognition in India for Supply.

Supply Chains Rock

Thursday, February 19, 2009. In this chapter Hory reprints, with my permission two of my blog posts, one on using wind power for logistics and the other about suply chain innovation. Who said supply chains are boring? Whenever I tell a friend, colleague or family member about my job as soon as the words "supply chain" are muttered I immediately see glassy eyes followed by a yawn or two.

India 100

Emerald Citation of Excellence 2013 for supply chain innovation article

Supply Chain View from the Field

The article published in question, Knowledge sharing in interorganizational product development teams: the effect of formal and informal socialization mechanisms , was published in the Journal of Production Innovation Management in 2009. As papers need at least three years to accumulate citation data, the 2013 Awards have been selected from papers published in 2009. Supply Chain Innovation Supply chain Relationships

Renting products rather than buying them.an option for Sustainable Procurement?


This theory could provide an interesting model for “Sustainable Procurement” managers who could innovate by pushing some of their suppliers to lease products rather than selling them

New tool for Sustainable Packaging


The Sustainable Packaging Coallition announced the availability of a new tool, “ Compass ” allowing companies to benchmark the environmental impact of packaging.

Tools 40

36 innovative companies re-inventing and rethinking supply chain and logistics

6 River Systems

These 36 innovative companies have figured out how to hack their operations, gaining some financial or media recognition for their methods. Kick back, be inspired and happy innovating. The world of supply chain and logistics is changing every day.

How can innovative Manufacturers utilize Route Optimization Software?


Route optimization software help companies deliver or move goods and services with tracking capability of GPS and innovative reporting features which will assist dispatchers to reduce mileage expenses, avoid unplanned stops and adopt more fuel-efficient routes. 2009).

January Logistics Snapshot from the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics


billion , the lowest trade deficit since October 2009. For more information, visit the Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics website. The January Edition of your monthly Logistics Market Snapshot is now available! Please download your free.PDF copy directly from our website [ HERE ]. As always, included below are some selected encouraging statistics from this month’s edition: The construction market for domestic transportation infrastructure is expected to grow to $135.8

Supply Chain Management:Rapid Innovation will Differentiate the.

Infosys Supply Chain Management

« Oil operators and Oil services firms - time to dissolve internal walls | Main | Enabling individual item picking in tomorrows warehouses » Rapid Innovation will Differentiate the Future of Retail Industry. Online providers are disrupting the retail industry because of innovation, in the true spirit of the Clayton M. Christensen book, The Innovators Dilemma. December 2009. November 2009. October 2009. September 2009. August 2009.

The expanding scope of procurement analytics: Some initial thoughts


Procurement analytics, which supports decision making in procurement management, typically handles problems and decisions that are related to cost reduction, supplier management, cost modeling, procurement-led innovation, market strategies, supply chain risk, and stakeholder value improvement (Handfield, Jeong, and Choi 2019). Analytics Big Data Director's Blog Innovation in the Supply Chain Procure to Pay Supply Chain Innovation Uncategorized

Information Driven Innovation in Supply Chain - Infosys Blogs

Infosys Supply Chain Management

« The Learning from the 2012 Holiday Buying Season: Balanced Investments in Online and Physical Supply Chain Fulfillment Capabilities | Main | Green Supply Chain Management » Information Driven Innovation in Supply Chain. In todays rapidly changing world, even the worlds best companies are susceptible to disruptions in supply chain and the only possibility of being ahead and avoiding or tacking these issues is to continuously innovate the supply chain. December 2009.

Citations of Excellence Awards 2013

SCM Research

2009). Journal of Product Innovation Management, 26 (2), 156-172 DOI: 10.1111/j.1540-5885.2009.00343.x. 2009). Some of you may remember my last year’s post about the 2012 Citations of Excellence Awards. A year has passed since and Emerald Management Reviews has now announced the winners of the 2013 Citation of Excellence Awards. I went through the list of 50 awarded papers and discovered two papers which I think are particularly relevant to our field.

Will Cost Management Trump Innovation Investments in 2016?

Talking Logistics

percent, indicating contraction in manufacturing for the second consecutive month, and is the lowest reading since June 2009 when the PMI® registered 45.8 In light of this economic outlook, will cost management trump innovation investments this year or will companies aim to find a happy balance? Leading companies find ways to balance cost management and innovation. It may not be 50/50, but you can’t forget about the innovation portion of it.

Retail Pricing: Understanding How Power Shifted to the Consumer

Supply Chain Nation

According to RSR Research, consumers’ price sensitivity has been a “top three” business challenge every year from 2009 through 2019. Innovation Retail Supply Chain AI artificial intelligence pricing retail RSRRemember the good old days when retailers controlled pricing?

Retail Pricing: Understanding How Power Shifted to the Consumer

Supply Chain Nation

According to RSR Research, consumers’ price sensitivity has been a “top three” business challenge every year from 2009 through 2019. Innovation Retail Supply Chain AI artificial intelligence pricing retail RSRRemember the good old days when retailers controlled pricing?

The Emergence of the Biobased Economy

Supply Chain View from the Field

The White House defines a biobased economy as follows: “A bioeconomy is one based on the use of research and innovation in the biological sciences to create economic activity and public benefit.”. OECD in 2009 noted that “From a broad economic perspective, the bioeconomy refers to the set of economic activities relating to the invention, development, production and use of biological products and processes.

2013 Third-Party Logistics Study

Supply Chain Movement

Supply Chain Innovation. Innovation is a critical driver of growth, differentiation, and profitability, but as the logistics industry matures and markets become more global, innovation in this industry is becoming more challenging. Until recently, 3PLs could demonstrate innovation by introducing process improvements, adding technology, improving execution, or offering new services. Many 3PL-shipper relationships are not set up to support innovation.

Live From JDA FOCUS 2014 Day 2

Supply Chain Nation

The highlight of today’s general session was a presentation by Captain Richard Phillips , who caught the world’s attention when he was captured by Somali pirates in 2009. A number of fun activities are planned for tonight at the Innovation Zone.

A time of transition: 3 key trends for oil & gas in 2018

DELMIA Quintiq

In the wake of its devastating consequences, companies have formed new business partnerships and become more open to embracing innovation. With this in mind, it is important to create new partnerships with innovators in the sector to support development initiatives.

Trends 174

Supply chain collaboration: Who’s leading the revolution?

DELMIA Quintiq

The impact of an innovation like Brein could be world changing. A few weeks ago I witnessed supply chain history in the making. The Port of Rotterdam signed a contract for a system that will enable inland shipping companies to take supply chain collaboration to the next level.

Welcome 2019

Supply Chain Shaman

The teams in these seats did not experience the down market in 2007 or the start of the market run in 2009. Innovation from best-of-breed technologies drives this change. Welcome to a new year. Congratulations. You made it through 2018.

Unlearning Supply Chain Management

Talking Logistics

This topic surfaced again for me last week when my friend Kate Vitasek (architect of the Vested® business model for supplier and company innovation) published a great blog post titled, Learning is Hard; Un-learning is Harder!

Seven Supply Chain Lessons from a Former Walmart CEO


As CEO from 2009 to 2014, he worked to restructure the company and made sure it not only grew, but grew with integrity. Allow your team to rise to the challenge and find innovative new ways to reach those stretch goals. by Alexa Cheater.

Conquering the high seas: What’s shaking the global liner shipping industry?

DELMIA Quintiq

Decrease in port calls for big ships since 2009. As Graph 3 shows, the number of port calls in 2014 was the lowest in the past 10 years – more than 50% decline since 2009. Breakthrough innovations that set companies apart. Massive ships. Slow steaming.

What is the Hyperconnected Era & “The Internet Of Things” and What does it Have to Do with Manufacturing & Logistics?


This new era brings with it an acceleration of innovation and disruption. The Internet has evolved from being a “nice-to-have” – an additional channel for growth – to becoming the channel for growth and innovation.

Supply Chain Management:Flying Robots in a Warehouse?

Infosys Supply Chain Management

Well, this may appear strange but having watched Vijay Kumar and his teams innovation on flying robots in TED - [link] , it struck to me that these little robots can do wonders in warehousing operations. December 2009. November 2009. October 2009. September 2009. August 2009. July 2009. June 2009. May 2009. April 2009. March 2009. February 2009. January 2009. About Us. Contact Us.

Transportation Industry Braces for a Looming Transportation Capacity Crunch Crisis in 2017


Some additional immediate needs should be self-explanatory: Highway safety innovations. Deterioration of Existing Fleets – In the aftermath of our economic issues since 2009, corporations in the U.S. Expected Transportation Capacity Issues.

I Was Blown Away By How These Brothers Built A $25 Million Business Growing at 160%

Janeiro Digital

And in 2009, they started Janeiro Digital which used those skills on behalf of companies. We thought we could build a good base and work collaboratively with clients to innovate.” This post originally appeared on inc.com. ….

China's Growing Role in the Automotive Industry


With support from the government, China has been experiencing growth in this segment since 2009, and it's expected to produce 800,000 units by the end of 2017. China is emerging as a superpower in more ways than one.

The Digital Supply Chain: Making The Leap With A Ball and Chain

Supply Chain Shaman

Leaders will work with technology innovators to build the network of networks ensuring interoperability between networks. Last week, I spoke on the evolution of the digital supply chains and my vision for Supply Chain 2020 at the World Trade Group Event in Miami.

Takeaways from Food Shippers of America 60th Annual Conference

Talking Logistics

It was a theme echoed throughout the event, starting with the morning keynote presentation by Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger III , the US Airways pilot who back in January 2009 safely landed an Airbus A320 on the Hudson River after the plane collided with birds shortly after takeoff and both engines failed. Innovation is about being proactive and always questioning the status quo versus being reactive and complacent.

BASF: A Story of a Supply Chain Leader

Supply Chain Shaman

With 12,000 supply chain employees operating in 80 countries with 2400 storage facilities, supply chain excellence and innovation are the foundation of corporate performance. Design for Growth: Innovation, and increasing the speed of digitization, drives value in the end-to-end supply chain.

This Week in Logistics News (September 26-30, 2016)

Talking Logistics

Global Container Volume on Track for Worst Year Since 2009 (WSJ – sub. Another Friday where I have limited time, so let’s go straight to this week’s supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention: Uber to move freight, target trucking for the long haul (Reuters).

How Logistics Workforce should change in Industry 4.0


In the near future, technologies ( AI, machine learning and software automation applications) would no longer primarily impact low-wage, uneducated workers, but would also increasingly enable computers to fulfill jobs that require significant training and education, according to Ford, 2009.